Settlement Reached Over Large Digital Supergraphic Sign

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Settlement Reached Over Large Digital Supergraphic Sign:

1212 lincoln road sign to be one-third of previous plan 

A settlement has been reached in the dispute over a large digital supergraphic sign approved for the proposed 1212 Lincoln Road development. While a City ordinance limits the size of the supergraphics to 100 s.f., the law previously allowed the Design Review Board (DRB) and Historic Preservation Board (HPB) to approve larger sizes. In this case, the DRB approved a digital supergraphic of 3,300 s.f. The City and developer agreed to a settlement that would limit the size of the new digital sign to 1,005 s.f. with no changes in size for ten years.
Developer Russell Galbut is planning a new five-story commercial building with a hotel on the site now occupied by Wells Fargo at 1600-1634 Alton Road. The sign will be on the south wall of the new building facing a commercial area on 16th Street.
In presenting the settlement to City Commissioners for approval this week, Chief Deputy City Attorney Eve Boutsis said the smaller sign will be “within the size of the mural that exists” on the building's Alton Road side (above). The Wells Fargo building is known for its mosaic tile murals depicting scenes from American history.
The City ordinance covering these large signs prohibits commercial advertising on them. Galbut has previously stated the digital supergraphic would be used for artistic purposes. A second digital supergraphic will face the interior of the property and was not disputed. One option for the signs is to include digital images of the current mosaic murals. In any case, all content needs to be approved by the City.
Since the DRB waiver for this sign, the ordinance has been changed to require City Commission permission for any variances in size. After a public outcry, City Manager Jimmy Morales announced he would appeal the decision. Following this settlement, the appeal was withdrawn.

Below: Lincoln Road side of the current Wells Fargo building.

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