88 COVID-19 Cases in Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

88 COVID-19 Cases in Miami Beach:

Two police officers and one reserve officer have now tested positive

In its report to residents Friday, March 27, the City indicated there have been 88 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the City of Miami Beach. Meanwhile, a total of two MBPD officers and one reserve officer have tested positive.


Some other numbers we asked for:

Number of calls to Miami Beach Fire Department for virus-like symptoms: 148

Number of MBFD employees testing positive: 0

Number of Miami Beach Police Department employees testing positive: 2 MBPD officers and 1 reserve officer

One other City employee who had travelled abroad was previously diagnosed positive but did not come to work and self-quarantined at home. 

And the answer to a question many have asked, why is the Miami Beach Convention Center not being used for COVID-19 response? City spokeswoman Melissa Berthier told us, “The Miami Beach Convention Center is currently working toward attaining a TCO (including completing life/safety measures), accordingly, if would not be used for COVID response measures until TCO is achieved.” TCO is a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. All of the events that have been held at the Convention Center since it reopened have been held with special events permits. Among the items left to complete, testing of the fire alarms. The contractor, Clark Construction, filed a lawsuit against the City earlier this year claiming it is owed $90 million for work it completed on the building. The City said Clark is responsible for the susbtantial delays and the reason for the lack of a TCO. 

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Chart: City of Miami Beach

COVID-19 Assistance Programs

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Susan Askew
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Susan Askew
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