Aroma Espresso Bar Review

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Aroma Espresso Bar Review:

1601 Collins Avenue

Mostly outdoor spot with too many distractions (to put it mildly)

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review summary:

This was the shortest stop we’ve made. With pigeons jumping from table to table, we couldn’t get much work done!


  • Good internet connectivity and speed.
  • While this is a café with lots of food options, the staff does not bother those who only grab a coffee and work.
  • Big outdoor space (inside is small and dark); on a nice day, it’s beautiful.
  • Seating is shaded by umbrellas.


  • Aggressive pigeons!  
  • Noisy buses and delivery trucks on Collins Avenue. Definitely not a place for meetings given the noise. 

Michael: “I have been going to Aroma for years and enjoy their coffee, but I’ve always gotten it to go. Now I know why. The combination of the birds and the street noise was too much.”

We both looked longingly across the street to the quiet Joe & the Juice courtyard where we had worked previously, wishing we were there.


Michael: I think it’s good. I like it.

Susan: It's a little bitter

Reviewed January 8, 2020


Best Coffee Shops for Working Remotely on Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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