As COVID cases continue to soar, stronger emergency measures implemented

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

As COVID cases continue to soar, stronger emergency measures implemented:

Face coverings required, curfew back in effect

The COVID-19 emergency measure announcements from Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County came at us quickly again this past week. Here’s where we landed at the end of the week… 

Curfew: Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has ordered a curfew from 10 pm through 6 am until further notice. According to the order, "During the period of such curfew, no person shall make use of any street or sidewalk for any purpose, except police, fire rescue, first responder, medical, health care, media, and utility repair service personnel. In addition, the curfew shall not apply to persons: working at essential establishments listed in attached exhibit A; returning directly to their homes from work at essential establishments or going directly to work at essential establishments from their homes; making deliveries from essential establishments; and walking their dogs within 250 feet of their residences."

Facial coverings required: “All persons in public spaces and places, both indoors and outdoors, shall be required to wear facial coverings, as defined in the County’s EO 20-20, as amended. Any person not wearing a facial covering is subject to a $50 civil fine."
“Facial coverings are not required: at or inside a private residence; inside a private automobile; inside a hotel, motel, or commercial lodging establishment guest room, or inside any apartment; of children under two years of age; of persons who have trouble breathing due to a medical existing condition; of persons who are hearing-impaired or persons communicating with an individual who is hearing-impaired; where federal or state safety or health regulations prohibit the wearing of facial coverings; of persons engaged in strenuous physical activity, either inside or outdoors; of persons swimming or engaged in other activities which may cause the facial covering to become wet; while persons are actively eating, drinking, or smoking; and while a person is receiving services which require access to that person’s nose or mouth.”

Alcohol sales end at 8 pm:  The order includes “All retail stores, including package liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and gasoline service/filling stations, which offer for sale any alcoholic beverage(s), (including, but not limited to, liquor, beer, or wine) for off-premises consumption SHALL BE PROHIBITED from selling any alcoholic beverage(s) after 8 p.m. each day in ALL ZONING DISTRICTS.”
Beaches Closed through Monday July 6.  

Hotel pools: Must close between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am through Monday, July 6 and use is limited to those staying in the hotel.

Enforcement: Miami Beach has created a Hospitality Education and Enforcement Team (HEET) including members from the City’s Police, Fire Prevention, Code Compliance and Ocean Rescue groups. The City says the team “is dedicated to ensuring hospitality and restaurant establishments are abiding by all emergency measures in order to maintain a safe experience for residents and visitors.”

In a video message to residents on Thursday leading into the July 4th weekend, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said, “The numbers continue to trend strongly in the wrong direction. The number and percentages of people testing positive grows by the day, as does those requiring hospitalization. The number of patients being admitted to local hospitals is substantially outpacing the number being released, so today over 1,300 people are hospitalized. Also, the number of our residents in intensive care is increasing as are the number on ventilators. There is simply too much virus spreading in our community.”

Noting the new restrictions, he said, “I propose that while July 4th gives us a chance to display our freedoms, it’s more a celebration of the shared sacrifices that gave us these rights of self-determination. The Fourth of July is at its essence a celebration of those in our history who fought and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. My point being, there is nothing more American than sacrificing for a family member, a neighbor or a stranger. There is a spirit and unity of purpose in our Nation that we have learned to lean on, and we need to rely on it today as we navigate this challenge. Staying at home and foregoing a gathering on July 4th is a small but important sacrifice we all can make.”

High Impact Provision on music invoked: In addition to Beach closures and restrictions on alcohol sales, Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales has invoked the High Impact Period provisions of the City Code to limit live or amplified music during the holiday weekend in the City’s Mixed-Use Entertainment District (MXE) with exclusions for Ocean Terrace and the CD-2 District between Pennsylvania Avenue and Collins Court from 5th to 16th Streets.

Test sites: Both test sites on Miami Beach will be closed Saturday, July 4.
In addition to the Convention Center site, the mobile walk-up test site that had been set up at 12th and Washington is moving to Mid-Beach effective Sunday, July 5. The new location will be 42nd Street between Prairie and Royal Palm Avenue.
For comprehensive information on the City’s coronavirus efforts and resources visit


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Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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