City Commission Preview: February

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

City Commission Preview: February:

wednesday, february 14

City Commission
Wednesday, February 14, 8:30 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers
Full agenda with item details

Yes, we know. It’s Valentine’s Day… the first two meetings of this Commission have lasted 13 and 12 hours respectively. There won’t be a lot of love if they go late into the night this month!
Here are the highlights:
Resolution authorizing a change order to finally get the West Avenue pedestrian bridge finished. The cost is $350,000 for aesthetic enhancements including architectural panels and decorative lighting. Item C7G
Resolution to initiate discussions with Miami-Dade County to establish a Community Redevelopment Agency for North Beach, engage a consultant to help with the process, and to have a presentation at the upcoming Commission budget retreat on additional funding options to revitalize North Beach. Item C7K
Another resolution aimed at helping North Beach would direct the Administration “to develop a quality of life plan that includes options with respect to traffic, parking and neighborhood projects, consistent with the North Beach Master Plan, with such projects to potentially be funded by a dedicated funding stream for the benefit of the North Beach area”. Item C7L
Two resolutions to support the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization’s SMART Plan (Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit) and the proposed expansion from Miami to Miami Beach (Item C7T) and one urging the TPO to reconsider the Julia Tuttle Causeway as the Beach corridor connector (versus the McArthur).  Item C7U
RM-1 Religious Institutions Parking Amendment to waive parking requirements for new construction for religious institutions in the RM-1 district provided the property is less than 8,000 sq. ft. Second reading, public hearing, 10:10 am. Item R5C
Ordinance to establish criteria and requirements for approval of city sponsorship of certain events. Second reading, public hearing, 10:15 am. Item R5D
Whistleblower ordinance to prevent retaliatory action against City employees or contractors who report wrongdoing. Second reading, public hearing, 1:35 pm. Item R5F
Three ordinances pertaining to parking which relate to the development of the City National Bank parcel and surrounding properties in North Beach Town Center: Second reading, public hearing, 5 pm. Items R5I, J, K
Ordinance to further clarify the disclosure rules around menus and pricing for sidewalk café operators gets a first reading. Item R5P
Resolution and public hearing to rename the North Shore Open Space Park, North Beach Oceanside Park. 2:15 pm. Item R7D
Hedging their bets. An item to discuss a potential settlement agreement in the appeal filed by the City Manager of the Design Review Board’s decision to allow a 3,330 sq. ft. non-commercial digital sign on the proposed 1212 Lincoln Road project AND an item to discuss an appeal hearing for April should the parties not reach agreement on a settlement. Items R9E and R9F, 3:00 pm.
Discussion items, should there be time, include:
--The Blue Ribbon Steering Committee’s report on the Convention Center Hotel (deferred from October; Item R9G)
--Increase in crime and having more community policing citywide (Item R9X)
--Update from the Mayor’s Memorial Day Weekend Blue Ribbon Panel (Item R9Y)
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