City Commission Preview: July

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

City Commission Preview: July:

full agenda before august break

City Commission Meeting
Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 8:30 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers

Aired live on MBTV

The City Commission has a full agenda before its August break. Some of the highlights below…
*Note: “Time certain” items are very approximate and oftentimes way off depending on length of each discussion.

Attend in person to comment or email Commissioners (or both!).
Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Moratorium  (9:45 am) (R5A), Second reading, public hearing
Sets a sixty day moratorium from first reading which was June 28, 2017 so through August 27, 2017 to give the City time to enact regulations. Details.

Land Use Regulations for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers and Pharmacies (9:46 am) (R5B), First reading, public hearing
New State regulations enacted last month give local governments two options with regard to medical marijuana treatment facilities: ban them outright or, if allowed, regulate them the same as pharmacies. Municipalities are prohibited from regulating the number of treatment centers. The new law also requires facilities to be more than 500 feet from schools unless a local government exempts the requirement through a public hearing process. Prior to the state enacting its law, the Miami Beach Commission was considering an ordinance limiting the number of facilities on the Beach to 3. That limitation has been removed from the new ordinance, which now applies to pharmacies as well. Requirements remain the same as the initial draft and include a general security plan, an odor management plan, limitations on signage and advertising, and prohibitions on growing cannabis plants, among other requirements.
The proposed ordinance identifies four areas where medical marijuana treatment centers and pharmacies would be allowed:
Area 1:
  • Lots zoned CD-2, generally located along Alton Road between 6th Street and 8th Street; lots zoned C-PS2 located north of 5th Street between Ocean Court on the east and West Avenue on the west. Lots zoned CD-1 and CD-2 fronting Alton Road between 13th Street and 16th Street.
  • Lots zoned CD-1, generally located between Alton Road on the east and north, Dade Boulevard on the south, Michigan Avenue on the west.
Area 2: Lots zoned HD north of the Julia Tuttle Causeway – Interstate 195.
Area 3: Lots zoned CD-3 and fronting 41st Street between Sheridan Avenue and the Indian Creek Waterway.
Area 4: Lots zoned TC-1 south of 71st Street and lots zoned TC-2 and TC-3(C), generally located between Collins Avenue on the east, 71st Street on the North, the west lot line of lots fronting Harding Avenue on the west, and 69th Street on the south.
The Planning Board will consider the ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday, July 25th, and if it gives a favorable recommendation to Commission, there will be zoning in progress, meaning any new treatment facilities would have to comply with the new regulations.
Ocean Drive Noise Ordinance (10:05 am) (R5F), Second reading, public hearing

Residents Right to Know (10:10 am) (R5G), Second reading, public hearing
Creates requirements for the City to notify residents of quality of life issues being considered and opportunities for public input.

Plastic bag restrictions for sidewalk cafes (10:20 am) (R5I), Second reading, public hearing
Requires sidewalk cafés (as part of the permitting process) to discontinue the use of plastic carryout bags.
Our previous coverage here.

Resiliency development regulations (10:40 am) (R5M), Second reading, public hearing
RM-1 Residential, Multi-family, Low intensity areas, development regulations to plan for resiliency. Includes new minimum and maximum yard elevations, new lot coverage and height standards, setbacks, and parking requirements along with a limit on lot aggregation to “no more than two lots in all RM-1 districts, with an exception for affordable and workforce housing.”

Eliminating and reducing parking requirements (10:45 am) (R5N), Second reading, public hearing
Changes for resiliency initiatives for new construction; eliminates parking requirements for apartment buildings on lots that are 65 feet in width or less and reduces the parking requirements for apartment buildings on lots wider than 65 feet. Details.

Sea Level Rise and Resiliency criteria to be considered by land use boards (10:50 am) (R5O) Second reading, public hearing

Commercial height standards (10:55 am) (R5P), Second reading, public hearing
Allows increased height in commercial districts to allow for sea level rise mitigation.

Art Deco/MiMo Overlay (11:00 am) (R5Q), Second reading, public hearing
Would set limits on chain restaurants on Ocean Drive and Ocean Terrace, among other restrictions. Continued from June meeting as it did not have enough votes. Our coverage here. Meanwhile, the Historic Preservation Board took a stronger stand at its meeting last week. Our coverage here.
Details of the proposed ordinance.

Workforce and Affordable Housing Initiatives, all on first reading, public hearing
(R5S) (1:45 pm) Would allow density increases and incentives for workforce and affordable housing. Details.
(R5T) (1:50 pm) Reduces minimum and average unit sizes and parking requirements to encourage the construction of workforce and affordable housing. Details.
(R5U) (1:55 pm) Establishes definitions and incentives for workforce and affordable housing. Details.

Belle Isle Comp Plan and LDR Amendments
Allows for the renovation of the Standard Hotel. Our previous coverage here.
(R5W) (5:02 pm) Comp Plan Amendment, Second reading and public hearing. Details.
(R5X) (5:03 pm) LDR Amendment, Second reading and public hearing. Details.
North Beach Yard
Comprehensive Plan and LDR Amendments to allow the proposed North Beach Yard to operate on the City-owned West Lot between 81st and 82nd Streets,
(R5Z) (5:07 pm): Comp Plan Amendment, First reading, public hearing. Details.
(R5AA) (5:08 pm): LDR Amendment, First reading, public hearing. Details.

North Beach Yard Lease Agreement (item to be submitted in supplemental)
(R7H) (2:30 pm) Resolution, public hearing. Details.

$36M Light Rail funding set aside
(R7D) (2:10 pm) Resolution, public hearing.
Calls for the set aside to “be re-prioritized to and used solely to support transportation-related initiatives and projects intended to reduce traffic congestion."


Reducing plastic bag use in Miami Beach


Susan Askew
Susan Askew
sustainability committee suggests ordinance for sidewalk cafés

sea level rise criteria, new commercial height standards

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
planning board preview

medical marijuana dispensaries getting closer to fruition

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
planning board to consider locations and regulations

Medical marijuana dispensaries

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
land use development committee considers location options

It's official, light rail on hold

Light Rail

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
public will vote on any future proposal