city commission preview: october

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

city commission preview: october:

closing public beaches at 10 pm, temp skate park for north beach among highlights

City Commission Preview: October
Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 8:30 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers
Full agenda
Attend in person or email Commissioners with your thoughts.

Highlights of next week’s agenda include:
Text in quotes is from City Staff memos and/or ordinances and resolutions.
C7L Increase standards for stormwater management system to handle 10 year/24 hour events versus 5 year/24 hour events (or 8.75 inches versus 7.5 inches). [Details]

City standards for the performance of its stormwater management call for “future crown road elevation of 3.7 feet NAVD and a level of service such that the crown of the roadway is not overtopped during a 5 year/24 hour design storm event ... a total of 7.5 inches of rain.”
This resolution recommended by the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Flooding and Sea Level Rise would amend the Plan “such that the future crown of road is not overtopped (flooded) during a 10 year/24 hour design storm event … which equates to 8.75 inches of rainfall as opposed to 7.5 inches of rain previously adopted.”
City Public Works Director Eric Carpenter says this involves the sizing of the pumps and drains and does NOT impact the City’s standards for road elevation.
C7Y Long Term Lease Design Miami [Details]
Design Miami has been located in the surface parking lot adjacent to the Convention Center since 2010 in conjunction with the Art Basel Miami show. Following completion of the new Convention Center, the lot will become a park. “The new park space is designed to accommodate a continuation of Design Miami in this new space, similar to the Frieze London art show held annually in The Regent’s Park in London.” The proposal is for a multi-year lease to run for 6 years, starting in 2018 and concluding with the 2023 show, with one five year renewal option (2024-2028).
Under the proposed agreement, the City will redesign the park to accommodate Design Miami and Design Miami will pay the redesign costs and cost of electrical and footing improvements related to Design Miami in the event the agreement is terminated for convenience prior to 2023.
Starting in 2019, fees will increase from $107,000 to $150,000 annually plus applicable taxes with a CPI escalation. In 2018, due to the “park transition” from parking lot/construction staging area, the fee will be $128,500 plus taxes.
Design Miami, like Art Basel, has two shows per year, one in Basel in June and Design Miami in December. It is a limited-edition marketplace for museum-quality furniture, lighting, and objects d’art. 
R5B MXE Alcohol sale hours, Second reading, PH (10:05 am)
MXE retail sales for off premise consumption would end at 8:00 pm instead of 10:00 pm, if approved. Overall sale hours would be 10:00 am - 8:00 pm. Reason: “it appears the sale of alcohol from retail establishments in the MXE District, at night, often causes problems on Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue…” [Details]
R5R: Similar ordinance up for first reading for the Ocean Terrace Overlay between Collins and Ocean Terrace and between 73rd and 75th Streets. [Details]
R5E Closing public beaches at 10 pm, Second reading, PH (10:20 am)
Reason: “...due to the incidents of violent crimes that steadily increase on the City's beaches after 10 p.m. at night until 5:00 a.m. the following morning … Moreover, a beach closing time of 10 p.m., instead of midnight, will facilitate the Miami Beach Police Department's ability to patrol the beaches during the shift overlap.” [Details]
R5I Abate sidewalk café fees north of 63rd, Second reading, PH (10:40 am)
Extends the fee waiver for sidewalk café permits north of 63rd Street. The City says there are 12 restaurants with sidewalk café permits in this area, totaling 2,902 sf. Fees for these permits are $150 plus $20 per sf. [Details]
Three ordinances designed to encourage the development of workforce and affordable housing are up for second reading, public hearings beginning at 5:00 pm.

R5L: Density [Details]
  • Incentivizes the development of workforce and affordable housing by providing for additional density in the construction of these units, specifically “an 80% density increase beyond the underlying allowable density to be used only for workforce or affordable units.”
  • Also modifies the City’s objective for the number of affordable units to be achieved by 2020 (currently 16,000) “to a more attainable standard of 6,800 workforce and affordable units by 2030”.
R5M: Unit size, parking [Details]
  • Reduces minimum and average unit size to 400 square feet across all zoning districts within the City where multifamily residential units are allowed.
  • Reduces parking requirements from 0.5 to zero (0) for elderly housing, and from 1 (one) to 0.5 for low and/or moderate income non-elderly persons.
  • Would allow the number of affordable housing units on a site with an existing building to be increased (both within an existing building, and within any new construction on site), with no additional parking requirements
R5N: Unit size, parking [Details]
  • Amends minimum and average unit size to 400 square feet across all zoning districts within the City where multifamily residential units are allowed.
  • Reduces parking requirements to 0.5 for workforce housing units. Allows workforce housing units to be established on a site with an existing building without providing parking for the existing or additional units. “Currently the number of units in a building in general cannot be increased without providing on-site parking.”
  • Would also allow the new construction of workforce housing units on a site with an existing building, without providing any parking. “This may encourage smaller in-fill construction of workforce housing units on existing building sites that cannot otherwise provide required off-street parking.”
R5Q 600 Alton Road redevelopment, First reading
“The proposed ordinance provides that CD-2 zoned sites outside of historic districts that contain existing buildings with nonconforming height and/or number of stories as of January 1, 2017 may be redeveloped with new construction at the same height and/or number of stories as the existing nonconforming building.  The proposal does not allow any new construction to exceed current FAR limitations … The proposed Ordinance would not increase maximum FAR, and would only permit a redistribution of allowable FAR."
According to an analysis by Planning Staff, this would only apply to the 600 Alton Road site. [Details]
R7I Washington Ave BID
Resolution to create a special assessment district “for a term of ten years, to stabilize and improve the Washington Avenue retail business district … for promotion, management, marketing, and other similar services” The amount to be collected each year would be $511,331.

It is subject to the approval of a majority of the affected property owners. Properties included abut Washington Avenue and/or the intersecting cross streets between 5th and 17th Streets. Exempted: residential properties, common areas of condo associations, schools, and religious or government properties. Assessments would be $0.40 per sf of the lot size based on the size of the ground floor only; properties in the pedestrian-only section of Española Way would be assessed $0.18 per sf of lot size, based on the size of the ground floor only. [Details]
R7L Temporary Skate Park
Resolution accepting the recommendation of the Neighborhood and Community Affairs Committee for a temporary skate park at the City-owned West Lot north of 82nd Street. The Parks department is working on an RFI (Request for Information) for the construction of a temporary skate park with a minimum of 7,500 sf and a $75,000 maximum budget. Goal is for a December 2017 opening. [Details]
Super Graphic signs: Discussion item
Following the DRB decision to allow large LED panels (Super Graphic signs) on the proposed 1212 Lincoln Road building, Commissioner Joy Malakoff has placed an item on the agenda for discussion. Specifically, the ordinance calls for a maximum size of 100 sf, however larger sizes may be approved by the HPB or DRB, as was done in this case by the DRB. City Manager Jimmy Morales has indicated he intends to appeal that decision to the City Commission. [Further info]