City Commission Preview

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

City Commission Preview:

big items working their way onto the agenda

City Commission Meeting
Wednesday, June 7, 8:30 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers
Full agenda with links to individual items

*Note: Times are always approximate depending on length of discussion.
A number of items we’ve been following at the Committee and Land Use Board levels are now making their way onto the Commission agenda for consideration:
9:50 am: Extending the demolition moratorium for the North Beach Tatum Waterway Conservation District and the North Beach National Register Conservation Districts. (R5A, R5B); First reading and public hearing.

10:00 am: Terminal Island rezoning (R5C, R5D) 
This project has been continued several times at the Land Use Board and Commission levels due to objections from the Coast Guard. We’ll see if it makes it this time! First reading and public hearing.
10:10 am: Belle Isle Comp Plan Amendments (to allow the Standard Hotel renovation) (R5E, R5F); First reading and public hearing.
10:20 am: Medical marijuana dispensary locations and regulations (R5H, R5I)
Planning Board recommendation (Scroll to the middle of this article for Planning Board recommendations)
First reading and public hearing.
10:25 am: Art Deco / MiMo “formula restaurant” limitations (R5J); First reading and public hearing.
10:45 am: Workforce and Affordable Housing initiatives (zoning, parking, incentives) (R5M, R5N, R5O); First reading and public hearing.
No time certain:
Sea level rise and resiliency criteria for land use boards (R5Q); First reading.
New commercial height standards for sea level rise (R5R)
New residential height standards for sea level rise (R5U)
New parking requirements for multi-family residential parking (R5V)
Non conforming building sustainability requirements (R5W)
First reading
Our coverage
Make eliminating plastic bags for carry-out use a condition of sidewalk café permits (R5AH); First reading.
Others are coming back for second and final reading:
10:15 am: Changes to alcohol sale hours (R5G)

5:01 pm: Rezoning west 600 block of Washington Avenue (R5AA, R5AB)

5:03 pm: Prohibition of gambling and casinos (R5AC, R5AD)
5:05 pm: Package liquor store distance separation (R5AE)

And, in new business:
An ordinance to reduce the hours of sale for alcoholic beverages during the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Columbus Day holiday weekends. Sponsored by Michael Grieco, the ordinance is in response to the shooting deaths of two men during the Memorial Day weekend this year. (R5AI); First reading.
Resolutions opposing the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and reaffirming the City’s commitment to the goals and standards in the agreement. (R7O, R7P)
Specific details on each item are available via links in the full agenda.

To comment on items, you may show up in person or email Commissioners.