Commission preview: October 31 special meeting

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Commission preview: October 31 special meeting:

short but big agenda items

Special City Commission Meeting
Tuesday, October 31, 9:30 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers
Aired live on MBTV
Attend in person or send comments via email
Full agenda
It’s the final meeting for the current Commission (now one short due to the resignation of Michael Grieco). Two new Commissioners will be elected on November 7th for Grieco’s seat and to replace retiring Commissioner Joy Malakoff. There will also be a new mayor as Philip Levine opted not to run for re-election.
Judging by the agenda, they’re going to wrap up some meaty issues.
On the legal front, Commissioners will approve a settlement agreement over the theft of funds from the City’s accounts in 2016 “including, among other terms, a payment by SunTrust to the City in the minimum amount of $515,159 … [and] a payment by STR Marketplace to the City in the amount of $900,000”. A New York man was charged this past June in the theft of nearly $3.6m. At the time, the Miami Herald reported the City had recovered nearly $2m.
[Agenda item R7H]

Commissioners will also approve a settlement in the case of Normandy Living LLC which had wanted to build a detox center in North Beach. They will also consider updated rules clarifying the operation of Adult Congregate Living Facilities (ACLFs), the category Normandy Living was proposing to operate under. Specifically, the ordinance addresses definitions and regulations for crisis stabilization units, residential detoxification centers, community residential homes, and residential medical rehabilitation centers. In addition, it replaces what the City calls the “obsolete” ACLF term and replaces it with “assisted living facility”, and revises the Code to reflect proper licensing requirements. The City has been operating under a moratorium on these facilities pending the new rules.
[Agenda item R5A ACLF ordinance, first reading, public hearing, 9:30 am]
Also on the agenda:
Ocean Drive Ballot Initiative Economic Impact Study
Presentation of the City’s final economic impact report conducted by FIU’s Metropolitan Center
Background on our Election 2017 info page
Convention Center Hotel
Discussion of the final report of the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Blue Ribbon Steering Committee on the Convention Center Hotel. Highlights include recommendation for an 800-1,000 room hotel measuring no more than 185 feet in height, located on land between Washington Avenue and Convention Center Drive north of 17th Street, and construction of a new state-of-the-art Jackie Gleason Theater if that site is utilized.
[Agenda item R9A]

Sabrina Cohen Foundation Adaptive Recreation Center
Resolution accepting a proposal from the Sabrina Cohen Foundation for an adaptive recreation center at 53rd and Collins Avenue.

Terms of the agreement include:
  • The Foundation will raise 100% of the money for the design, development, and construction of a City-owned facility.
  • Design and construction will not proceed “until the Foundation has raised sufficient funds for design and construction and has transferred such funds to the City”.
  • The Foundation agrees to meet funding thresholds and deadlines each year for 3 years until 100% of funds have been raised.
  • Building will have a maximum footprint of 5,000 s.f., maximum of two stories for a total of approximately 10,000 s.f. Its location within the surface parking lot at 53rd and Collins will be determined by the City as part of the design development process.
  • If funding is raised and the center is built, the Foundation will operate it for a term of 9 years
Neighbors have expressed opposition to the plan based on concerns over lost parking. The City’s parking survey indicates there are 139 spots in the lot that have a 53% utilization rate. (There are an additional 35 spots reserved for the fire department which is also located in the parking lot. Those spots were not included in the survey as they are not available to the public.)
[Agenda item R7E, Public Hearing 9:55 am]

Earlier end to package sales of alcohol (including sales for consumption off-premises) in the MXE District. Ordinance would reduce sale hours to between 10 am and 8 pm.
[Agenda item R5C, Second reading, PH, 9:37 am]

Continue demolition moratoriums for North Beach Conservation Districts
These are the areas that are now proposed to be included in the North Beach Historic Districts as part of an agreement between developers and preservationists to support the Town Center development on the ballot in November. In the meantime, the areas are protected from demolition with these moratoriums.
[Agenda item R5E, Agenda item R5F, First reading, PH]
There will also be a discussion updating the process for the North Beach Local Historic Districts.
[Agenda item R9B]

More North Beach discussion as the Commission will hear options for a temporary skate park for the area. According to information provided to Commissioners, there has been only one expression of interest from a contractor to construct a temporary facility. Vesolutions provided three options ranging in price from $50,000 to $75,000. The budget for a skate park in North Beach had a balance of $100,950 but the Commission recently committed $50,000 of that toward a regional hybrid skatepark/pumptrack initiative at Haulover Park, leaving just over $50,000 in the budget. Commissioners will need to decide if they wish to choose the lower priced option or add more funds for the higher priced options presented by Vesolutions or decide not to accept any of them.
[Agenda item R9D]

Discussion on Post Irma beach restoration after  the City lost considerable amount of shoreline in the storm.

And, more filming for the FX Network’s “American Crime Story” production on the 1997 Gianni Versace murder. Earlier this year, crews were out filming on Ocean Drive then moved to Los Angeles for production work due to the loss of film incentives in Florida. The production company will return to Miami Beach, however, in November to film the conclusion depicting serial killer Andrew Cunanan’s suicide aboard a houseboat docked in Indian Creek near Collins Avenue and 52nd Street. The Commission will consider a resolution to accommodate filming by closing the southbound lanes of Collins Avenue in a one-block area between 52nd and 53rd and rerouting traffic to a single lange on Collins Avenue northbound between November 15 and 17, during non-rush hours only.
[Agenda item R7F]

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