Curfews and Causeway Closures Version 2.0

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Curfews and Causeway Closures Version 2.0:

What you need to know for this weekend in Miami Beach

The heaviest of the Spring Break crowds have left and things are calming down a bit from when the City declared a State of Emergency to crack down on unruly and, in some cases, criminal behavior.

Though the 8 pm curfew is still with us this weekend in the South Beach Entertainment District, the size of the curfew area has been reduced. Causeway closures have also been modified.

Here’s what you need to know:

The following measures will be in effect the evening of Thursday, April 1 through Monday morning, April 5 at 6 am.


A curfew is in effect from 8 pm through 6 am (Thursday through Monday morning) only in the area bounded by 5th Street on the south, 16th Street on the north, Pennsylvania Avenue on the west, and Ocean Drive on the east (the “High Impact Zone”).

The curfew no longer applies to the Española Way corridor between Pennsylvania Avenue and Washington Avenue which may operate until the 12 am citywide COVID curfew along with all other restaurants and businesses outside of the High Impact Zone including Lincoln Road, South of Fifth, Sunset Harbour, Collins Park, 41st Street, North Beach, etc.


Julia Tuttle and MacArthur Causeways: The Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) will deploy a license plate reader (LPR) detail on eastbound lanes in lieu of a checkpoint starting at 10 pm tonight (Thursday) through 6 am Monday. 

The City notes, “Motorists will not have to come to a complete stop. There won’t typically be any interaction with officers except in the case of vehicles that are the subject of an LPR alert. While this should be faster than residency checks, delays are likely.”

Venetian Causeway: Eastbound lanes will be closed to traffic from 10 pm through 6 am the following day except in the case of City residents, guests of hotels/short-term rentals in the City, employees of City businesses, and individuals making deliveries from restaurants.

79th Street Causeway: The 79th Street Causeway will continue normal operations. According to the City’s announcement and FAQ, “Residents are encouraged to use the Venetian or 79 Street Causeway so that they will not be subjected to traffic delays.” With regard to visits from family and friends after 10 pm, the FAQ indicates, “In order to avoid the resident screening, we suggest that family and friends be directed to the 79 Street Causeway.”

What you’ll need to access the City:
  • Miami Beach residents must show a valid Florida identification card, driver’s license or utility bill indicating a Miami Beach address. 
  • Hotel and vacation rental guests must show their lodging confirmation or hotel key card that indicates where they are staying. 
  • Employees of Miami Beach businesses can show their employee identification cards.
  • Visitors with restaurant reservations booked after 10 pm should show a confirmation of the reservation.

Restaurant Operations

All sidewalk café operations including extended seating within the High Impact Zone will be suspended from 7 pm through 6 am. (This restriction no longer applies to Española Way.) All sidewalk café operators must stack or remove tables and chairs no later than 8 pm each night.

Restaurants within the High Impact Zone may continue to operate for delivery services only.  

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive will be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic from 8 pm through 6 am except to City residents requiring access to or from their homes, guests of hotels and vacation rental properties, requiring access to or from their hotels/vacation rentals, and employees of business establishments. 

Other public roads within the High Impact Zone may be closed as deemed necessary by the Interim City Manager or Chief of Police.

As it did the past two weekends, “The City strongly urges all businesses in the High Impact Zone to close voluntarily during the State of Emergency.”

Photo: Miami Beach Police Department

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