design review board: september preview

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

design review board: september preview:

high interest items on packed agenda

Design Review Board
Tuesday, September 5, 8:30 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers

Full Agenda

Attend in person to make comments or send comments via email to Victor Nunez
The meeting will also be televised live on MBTV

It will be a packed agenda at the Design Review Board meeting following an August recess. 
First up, both sides are gearing up for battle over plans for a new building at 5775 Collins Avenue. That story can be found here.

North Shore Open Space Park: The park redesign was approved at a previous DRB meeting pending further work on plans for the fencing along Collins Avenue, playground equipment, and lighting. The latest proposals for those elements will be discussed at this meeting. Details including the staff’s positive recommendation are here.

Community Park (former golf course at 2300 Pine Tree Drive/2795 Prairie Avenue): The stalemate between the City and the designer of the park was finally broken in June and it is now ready for DRB discussion. Staff recommends approval with conditions. Details here.

7128 Indian Creek: Owner is requesting approval to construct a four-story hotel to replace an existing two-story building. Staff recommends approval with conditions. Details.

1664 Lenox, Chotto Matte, requesting approval of a variance to exceed the allowable hours of operation for an outdoor bar counter associated with a new restaurant located within the interior courtyard of the property. Specifically, the applicant wants to extend closing hours from midnight until 2 am. Staff is recommending the item be continued to December to address concerns about the impact of noise on the neighborhood. Details and staff report.