getting charged up at city garages

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

getting charged up at city garages:

miami beach installing electric vehicle stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are making their way into Miami Beach’s municipal garages. The City’s garage (No. 3) at 13th and Collins now has two EV stations serving four spaces (Level 3B if you're looking!). Another eight garages are slated to be outfitted by this Summer. Each garage will have a minimum of two stations serving four parking spaces in high visibility areas to promote use and convenience. Expansion will be contingent upon demand.
The City signed an agreement with Blink Network to provide the turnkey service. Blink is responsible for installation, operation, and maintenance of the stations. The City receives 15% of gross revenues from EV station fees and is reimbursed for electrical consumption. The agreement covers municipal parking garages and surface lots. EV stations are also now a component in the development of any new parking garages in the City's parking system.
The next eight garages to get the EV stations – though this is not in order of deployment – are:
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 1, 7th Street and Collins Avenue
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 2, 12th Street and Drexel Avenue (adjacent to Police Station)
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 4 "Anchor Garage", 16th Street and Collins Avenue
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 5 "Lincoln Road Mall", 17th Street and Convention Center Drive
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 6, 42nd Street and Sheridan Avenue
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 7 "City Hall Garage", 18th Street and Meridian Avenue
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 9 "Pennsylvania Avenue Garage", Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th Street
  • Municipal Parking Garage No. 10 "Sunset Harbour Garage", located at 18th Street and Bay Road.

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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