hello world!

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

hello world!:

Re:MiamiBeach launches                                                                                                    (Photo: city of miami beach)

We did it! We've spent hours in City Hall (and eaten a few too many Snickers bars from the vending machine), beta tested our newsletter (and learned more than we want to know about spam filters), and finally... we've launched our website.

Welcome to RE:MiamiBeach focusing on all things real estate on the Beach. If it impacts the value of your property or quality of life as a resident or business owner, then we cover it.

Our commitment: Nothing but the Beach. No articles on Miami or Miami-Dade. This is as local as it gets... from development to sea level rise, road closures to sewer rates. Sometimes the news is exciting. Sometimes mundane. Many items never make it to the bigger media outlets yet they have a direct impact on each of us. 

We will highlight ideas, proposals, and policy changes before they reach a final vote so you can participate in the discussion. And, we will follow up to keep you posted on implementation as projects move forward.

Ultimately, our mission is to encourage a collaborative dialogue among the City and its residents, businesses, and investors for a better Miami Beach.

We hope you will become a regular visitor to our website and subscribe to our free weekly newsletter.

We’re all in this together.