High Impact Measures in Effect for First Big Weekend of Spring Break

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

High Impact Measures in Effect for First Big Weekend of Spring Break:

City Manager invokes provisions due to anticipated crowds

Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales has invoked the measures that are within his authority to impose during High Impact Periods in anticipation of the crowds for this first big weekend of Spring Break. He notified the Mayor and City Commissioners this week that “in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public, as well as to protect public and private property from damage, property degradation and/or unauthorized uses,” he would impose the following restrictions beginning Friday, March 6 at 7:00 am through Monday, March 9 at 7:00 am:
  • Ocean Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic;
  • No coolers and no inflatable devices will be permitted on public beach property;
  • No tents, tables, and similar structures are allowed on the beach;
  • Limitation of live or amplified music and suspension of the noise exemption for properties located from 9th to 11th Street on the west side of Ocean Drive, unless otherwise authorized by a Special Event permit;
  • No consumption of alcohol on public beach property, unless otherwise authorized by a Special Event permit (which would include the City’s daytime programming on the beach).
  • Implementation of a license plate reader police detail;
  • Suspension of licenses for promoters for dance or entertainment events to be held at an alcoholic beverage establishment located in the MXE mixed use entertainment district (excluding the area of 73rd to 75th Streets) or in the CD-2 Commercial district between Pennsylvania Avenue and Collins Court from 5th to 16th Street.

Morales said in his notice to the Mayor and Commissioners, “While the City Manager may suspend or close all (or part of) those sidewalk café operations (including, without limitation, the removal of any or all sidewalk café furniture) … at this juncture, no such suspension or closure has been imposed.”

“[T]he City’s Police, Fire, Parking and Code Compliance Departments, as well as the Sanitation and Beach Management Divisions, are authorized to implement additional operational measures, as necessary,” he said.

This weekend, the City is also implementing the first of two weekends of daytime programming – coordinated in partnership with DJ Irie – to try to contain the crowds and prevent the chaos of recent years.

While schools are on break throughout the month of March, this weekend has a large number of schools on leave. Next weekend is the biggest with 263 on break. The crowds are expected to be heavy through Tuesday, St Patrick’s Day. That weekend along with the St. Patrick’s Day holiday have been difficult for the City in recent years. Expect the same restrictions for that time period along with early closures of alcohol establishments in certain parts of South Beach.

Aerial photo, Spring Break 2019, courtesy MBPD


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Susan Askew
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