hpb preview: june

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

hpb preview: june:

agenda includes lincoln road, the starlight roof, continental hotel construction

Historic Preservation Board
Monday, June 19, 9:00 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers
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Pack your snacks or curl up with a bowl of popcorn in front of the TV or computer screen. It’s going to be a long day in City Hall for next week’s Historic Preservation Board meeting. Among the items on the agenda:
Lincoln Road Master Plan
When the HPB initially approved the master plan for Lincoln Road designed by James Corner Field Operations, it asked for refinement to the Gateway structure at 400 Lincoln Road, the Euclid Oval, and the lighting design. Next week, the Board will discuss the proposed updates.
Gateway: The length of the original proposed louvered trellis structure has been reduced by a third, now proposed to extend 130 feet westward from Washington Avenue. The design allows the existing palm trees to remain, accommodated for by openings in the trellis meant to invoke the follies of Morris Lapidus that are seen throughout Lincoln Road.
Euclid Oval: The surface on the existing raised planter is artificial turf. The originally proposed wood decking material for the site is now designed to include colorful ceramic tile. City Staff is “generally supportive” of the concept but note they would prefer that the “vibrant colored tiles” be replaced with “a color palette consistent with the City’s color intensity chart for historic districts.”
Lighting: Staff writes “The original Lapidus plan prioritized a brightly lit central spine with accent lights that emphasized the architectural follies, water features and landscaped planters.” The refinements to the current plan include a lighting plan for the follies which Staff believes “is consistent with the Morris Lapidus vision for Lincoln Road.”

Miami Beach Resort, Starlight Roof
The owner of the Miami Beach Resort at 4833 Collins Avenue will once again try to gain HPB approval to modify, restore, and reopen its famed Starlight Roof. It didn’t go so well in April when fire code collided with preservationists.

The Continental Hotel, 4000 Collins Avenue
Owners are seeking to partially demolish the existing “contributing” 5-story structure and construct an attached 4-story ground level addition with retail space on the ground floor and three levels of parking above. In addition, the owners are requesting “variances to reduce the required pedestal front, rear, street side and sum of the side setbacks and to exceed the maximum allowed projection within required yards.”
Staff writes in its memo to the Board, “The Continental Hotel, constructed in 1948, is an excellent example of Postwar Modern style of architecture, despite significant alterations to the front façade that occurred in the early 1990s.” They commended the owners on previous efforts to restore the building and write they are “supportive of the overall contemporary language of the proposed structure,” expressing only minor concerns. As to the variances, they support some with conditions.
Full staff memo and application here

947 Lincoln Road
Owner is seeking approval for near total demolition of an existing 2-story “contributing” structure and construction of a new 2-story building including variances to reduce the required rear pedestal setback.

Heathcote Apartments, Park Central Hotel & Imperial Hotel
626, 640 & 650 Ocean Drive
Requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness for the introduction of an outdoor bar counter within the ground level courtyard, installation of retractable awnings, and a variance to exceed the allowable hours of operation for an outdoor bar counter.

809 2nd Street
Watercup Investments wants approval to demolish an existing 1-story story building to construct a 3-story, 2-unit building.