Inspired to act

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Inspired to act:

west avenue resident Shawn Bryant 

After reading our story about the Planning Board taking action on unsightly trash at two Miami Beach hotels, West Avenue resident Shawn Bryant was inspired to act to clean up his street, too. Bryant, already a community activist, realized something could be done about sanitation issues when he saw the impact Michael DeFilippi had in addressing the hotel trash.
Bryant wrote to DeFilippi and RE:MiamiBeach:
“As I went for my run down West Avenue yesterday I noticed a pile of garbage in the traffic lane. I ran a little further and saw another pile and began to wonder what the cause [was] of these areas of garbage in the middle of the street. Well, I ran a little further and saw a garbage truck servicing the large condo buildings. I took a break from my run to observe their pick up process. Once again, another bunch of garbage left on the street. I took pictures. 
“Today I am mailing a letter I wrote to the CEO of Waste Connections in Texas. I am asking him to address and correct this issue by a simple addition of a job method requiring the employee to sweep up the garbage that will always fall to the ground when servicing these garbage bins. I told him I thought this fit well into their ‘Statement of Operating Values’ from their Corporate website that states they will ‘Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.’
“Just having finished reading your issue in the blog inspired me to continue the work to address some sanitation issues in our community. Hopefully others will find ways to improve the community too.”
The goal of RE:MiamiBeach is to provide information that encourages our readers to take action, to participate in the dialogue for a better Miami Beach. And let us just say it warms our souls to know an article we published resulted in one reader being inspired to take up the cause of another.
Update: April 14th
It matters when you speak up! The response from Waste Connections was swift. Bryant received a phone call from the VP for the Atlantic Coast Division. “He said their corporate office received my letter an hour ago and he was following up,” Bryant wrote to us. “He gave me his personal cell number and said this would be corrected. He was very professional.” So far, Bryant has not seen any new piles of trash.

Well done, Shawn and Waste Connections.

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If each action causes just one more action, think of all the good we can do.