Joe & The Juice

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Joe & The Juice:

1215 West Avenue

Very comfortable space with an industrial loft vibe. 

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Joe & the Juice 1215 West Ave  4 5 9

Review Summary:

It’s easy to get online here without having to hunt down an employee for the Wi-Fi password. If you have headphones to mitigate the noise, this is a comfortable place to sit and work for a couple of hours. 


  • Relaxed, comfortable space
  • Remote workers welcome and we were not alone
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Large round table in center, smaller tables with bench and wing chair seating, bar counter with stools, outdoor seating
  • Soft but good lighting
  • Floor to ceiling windows allow natural light in
  • Plentiful electrical outlets along the walls and under bar counter
  • Coffee bar facing front so lines and noise more out of the way
  • Citibike docking station around corner on 12th Street
  • Restroom is a little banged up from use but clean


  • A bit chilly inside
  • Noisy when the smoothies are being made
  • Music can be loud
  • Small tables may be too small to work but you can find a nice little nook


Susan (skim latte): Thumbs up! 
Michael (regular coffee): The coffee is great and has no bitter aftertaste. The price is a bit high at almost $4 for drip coffee. 

Reviewed October 22, 2019

Best Coffee Shops for Working Remotely on Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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