Joe & The Juice

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Joe & The Juice:

1600 Collins Avenue

Spacious interior with private conference room and outdoor courtyard. Attached to the Hyatt Centric. 

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Joe & the Juice 1600 Collins Ave 4 5 9

Review Summary:

It’s easy to get online here without having to hunt down an employee for the Wi-Fi password. If you have headphones to mitigate the noise, this is a comfortable place to sit and work for a couple of hours. 


  • Spacious work area with many table options
  • Remote workers welcome and we were not alone
  • Courtyard with comfortable outdoor furniture is quiet with a breeze on the day we were there. Even though it fronts Collins Avenue, it wasn’t noisy. The glass walls help to mute the noise. (We eventually had to move inside due to construction work in the adjacent hotel rooms but that’s a temporary condition.)
  • Private enclosed area with large table in back
  • Small bar counter with electrical outlets
  • Restroom a little worn from use but clean


  • Slow internet; Wi-Fi is free but at 2 mbps; hotel guests get 7 mbps; we switched to our personal hotspots.
  • Music is loud; we used headphones to drown it out though we noted it did mask the noise of the loud juice machines. Ultimately, Michael decided, “The vibe is excellent. It works.”
  • Outlets not very plentiful; only available at small bar counter


Michael (regular coffee): I think their coffee is above average but expensive. 
Susan: Went with an energizer drink. Tastes great but $7.70 for 4 oz??? Paper straws (and bonus with cute little flamingos) but the cup and lid were plastic so…
Reviewed November 26, 2019
Michael Timmermann works at Joe & The Juice, 1600 Collins Avenue


Best Coffee Shops for Working Remotely on Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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