King Tides are Back: Prepare for Flooding

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

King Tides are Back: Prepare for Flooding:

This month’s dates of concern are September 16 through 22

If you’re new here: King Tides are the highest tides of the year which typically occur during the months of September, October, and November. 

The City of Miami Beach notes that this month it is expecting higher than predicted tides that may result in street flooding.


Sunny day flooding is expected to occur for short periods of time in low-lying areas of the city per the schedule above.

Residents who live in the following areas should anticipate some flooding in their neighborhoods throughout the King Tide event and should plan accordingly:

  • Indian Creek Drive from 29th to 41st streets
  • West Avenue and 8th Street
  • First Street and Alton Road
  • South Pointe Drive and Washington Avenue
  • 44th Street and Post Avenue (Muss Park) areas
  • North Bay Road from 43rd to 63rd streets
  • Bonita Drive
  • Marseille Drive and Rue Notre Dame
  • Crespi Boulevard and 79th Terrace

In preparation, the City has begun conducting inspections and cleaning stormwater systems to reduce pollutants entering the waterways. Fourteen temporary pumps and generators have also been installed to mitigate flooding in low-lying neighborhoods.

Parking Flood Relief Program:

For information on free temporary parking accommodations during king tides and other weather events, click here.

Important Advisories

Avoid coming in contact with flood waters. According to the City, “There could be hazards below the surface, like pollutants and debris, that you cannot see. Six inches of fast flowing water can also knock you off your feet.”

Avoid driving through flooded waters. “It only takes less than a meter of water to float a car,” the City warns.

Wash your car, including the undercarriage, if it comes in contact with flood waters which are high in salinity and could damage your vehicle.


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