Medical marijuana dispensaries

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Medical marijuana dispensaries:

land use development committee considers location options

City Commissioners are deliberately working their way through potential locations and regulations for operating medical marijuana dispensaries on the Beach. After voters approved a state constitutional amendment allowing the use and sale of medical marijuana, municipalities have been scrambling to get their own rules in place.
At its’ meeting this week, members of the Land Use Development Committee – Commissioners Joy Malakoff, John Alemán, and Micky Steinberg – were joined by Commissioners Michael Grieco and Ricky Arriola to discuss the first draft of the Medical Cannabis Ordinance. Like many other local governments, the City of Miami Beach currently has a moratorium on dispensaries pending passage of an ordinance regulating them.
Planning staff detailed Miami-Dade County’s new regulations which call for a 1,500 foot buffer from any educational or religious facility and a 500 foot buffer from a multi-family or single family residential district. Due to the built-out nature of the City, following the County regs would zone dispensaries out of the Beach with the exception of the western tip of the Mount Sinai Hospital.
Commissioners indicated their desire to make medical marijuana dispensaries available for people who need marijuana for medicinal purposes while being careful about the selection process for locations. Staff presented five potential options:
  • Parcels zoned CD-2, generally located along Alton Road between 6th Street and 8th Street; parcels zoned C-PS2 on lots located north of 5th Street between Ocean Court on the east and West Avenue on the west; and parcels zoned C-PS2 on lots between 5th Street on the north and 4th Street on the south between Washington Avenue on the east and Meridian Avenue on the west; and parcels zoned C-PS2 on lots fronting the south side of 5th Street between Lenox Avenue on the east and Alton Road on the west.
  • Parcels zoned CD-1, DC-2, and RO on lots fronting Alton Road between 13th Street and 16th Street.
  • Parcels zoned CD-1, generally located between Alton Road on the east and north, Dade Boulevard on the south.
  • Parcels zoned TC-2 and TC-3(C), generally located between Collins Avenue on the east, 71st Street on the north, the west lot line of parcels fronting Harding Avenue on the west, and 69th Street on [the] south.
  • Parcels zoned HD located north of the Julia Tuttle Causeway/Interstate I-195.
There was consensus to provide a facility in each of the North, Mid, and South Beach areas. The commissioners asked staff to further review the options based on criteria variations to determine if these five are the best. There would only be one dispensary permitted in designated areas. Other restrictions (hours of operation, signage, window displays, etc.) are also included in the draft ordinance.
The item was continued until the Committee’s February 15th meeting.
The staff report and draft ordinance is here.
In the meantime, the full Commission will consider extending the four-month moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries for an additional two months through May 17th at upcoming meetings.

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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Susan Askew
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Susan Askew
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Susan Askew
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