Message from Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Message from Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber:

“We are a community who is at its best when challenged the most”

As the City issued a shelter-in-place order to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber reached out to residents and businesses. In a video message, he shared his thoughts about the City’s resiliency and the coming together of community.

Watch the Mayor’s full message here.

Noting the increasing numbers of diagnoses of the coronavirus (COVID-19), he said, “Until the numbers begin to go in the opposite direction, we will continue to take measures that reduce social interactions.” The shelter-in-place, order, he said is “the last of the major measures to protect this community.” 

“[W]e are, for now, for the most part hunkering down at home to ride this out and we will ride it out because I know who we are. We are a community who is at its best when challenged the most,” Gelber said.

“We have survived hurricanes and a host of other trials – natural and manmade – and every one of them, every one, has made us stronger, smarter, and more united.”

“While we are hopeful, we don’t rely on luck. We plan, we work together, and we do what needs to be done. And we do it together, because the one thing that unites us is that we all know what a special place we live in.”

Gelber read a text message from a local hotel operator that he said was “typical of many of those flowing in every single day.”

The message read, “This is a tough pill especially during our high season but, like always, Mayor, we will be supportive. We are and have been in Miami Beach since 2004 and will be for decades. Hurricanes, global recessions, Zika, now this virus, will never stop our love for our city and our staff of over 1,000. Please tell me if you need my help in any way.”

“This is the character of our city,” Gelber said. “I cannot tell you how many emails, texts, and calls I’ve received just like this, from residents and business owners and bartenders asking me how they can help. Many eventually have asked if I’m doing okay. And each one has committed in every way to making sure our city comes back roaring and magnificent.”

“So, do not wonder. This will be behind us and we will harness the brilliant entrepreneurial genius and spirit that exists in our community to emerge better and brighter than ever. I’m sure of it, because I know who we are.”

“But, until then, if you can, order some takeout from a local restaurant. Check in by phone or Facetime with a friend or co-worker who lives alone, and let’s just cherish all the wonderful blessings in our lives. And for those of you, those of you who feel the impact of this economic dislocation most acutely, we will do all we can to help you weather this storm. Thanks for your patience and calm. Stay healthy,” the Mayor concluded.

The Miami Beach City Commission will hold a special meeting telephonically on Wednesday, March 25 at 10:30 to discuss relief efforts for hospitality workers. The public may participate by calling 855-756-7520, extension 57817#. Normally, under State law, four Commissions must be physically present for a quorum but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has temporarily suspended those rules during the coronavirus crisis to allow municipal governments to conduct business.


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