Miami Beach 2020 Ballot Question 5

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Miami Beach 2020 Ballot Question 5:

Expansion of the Wolfsonian-FIU Musuem Building

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Miami Beach 2020 Ballot Question 5

Floor Area Ratio Increase from 1.5 to 3.25 for Proposed Wolfsonian Arts District 
Floor area ratio (“FAR”) is used by City to regulate the overall size of a building. Any increase to a property’s zoned FAR requires voter approval under Charter Section 1.03(c). Shall City adopt ordinance increasing FAR from 1.5 to a maximum of 3.25, and limiting maximum height to 75 feet, for properties within proposed Wolfsonian Arts District, generally located at northeast corner of Washington Avenue and 10th Street, and located within CD-2 zoning district? 


The Wolfsonian-FIU is proposing a renovation and 25,0000 sq. ft. expansion of its museum building at 1001 Washington Avenue. (See our story with renderings here.)

Because the museum is at its maximum FAR on the property, voter approval is required for the expansion. Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is used to measure and regulate building size or density. 

City Commissioners approved on first reading an ordinance to allow an increase in maximum FAR from 1.50 to 3.25 for the Wolfsonian site with a maximum building height of 75 feet. If approved by voters, the ordinance would have a second reading and public hearing before the Commission.

For additional information, including a copy of the proposed ordinance, click here or contact the Office of the City Clerk at 305.673.7411.

Organizations that have taken positions:

Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL)
Miami Beach United (MBU) 



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Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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