Miami Beach Commission Nixes Memorial Day Concert, May Consider Year-Round Programming

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Miami Beach Commission Nixes Memorial Day Concert, May Consider Year-Round Programming:

Update on weekend events, new protocols for air and sea show

While expressing support for the idea of future Memorial Day programming, Miami Beach Commissioners nixed the idea of a city-funded concert in Pride Park this year. Without visibility into the status of the pandemic, the producer of the Hyundai Air & Sea Show did not have time to put together sponsorship and talent for a concert on the beach so the City Administration proposed the alternative event to include the 13th Army Band, Nu Deco Ensemble, and a headliner to be named only if funding was approved. 

Commissioners balked at the $350,000 price tag, most of which was for the cost of the large stage, fencing around the park, and security. As a result of the short planning time with many COVID restrictions just recently lifted, Commissioners expressed concerns that the program would not be appealing enough to justify the expense and that the location was too far out of the way to bring crowds from the beach. They are hopeful a concert with big names can return to the beach in 2022. The 2019 concert – the first planned for Memorial Day Weekend by Air & Sea Show producer Mickey Markoff – was cancelled due to rain.

Also vetoed, a small music program and Imagination Playground in Soundscape Park. While not agreeing to the $350,000 for the City-sponsored programming, Commissioners did approve an additional $300,000 from the resort tax fund to pay for increased policing and code enforcement efforts.

Commissioners Michael Góngora and Ricky Arriola encouraged applying the money proposed for the concert in smaller amounts to program monthly events in Lummus Park as part of the initiative to create more arts and culture opportunities to attract residents back to the area. Góngora said he would bring an item to the next Commission meeting with more specific ideas. Arriola said he would co-sponsor.

Commissioners also extended the contract with the Air & Sea Show for one more year through 2024 due to the cancellation of last year’s event.

National Salute to America’s Heroes and The Hyundai Air & Sea Show

The National Salute to America’s Heroes featuring the Hyundai Air & Sea Show focuses on honoring and paying tribute to America’s military and first responders. This year’s celebration will be held May 29 and 30

Sea Events (11:00 am – 12:00 pm)
Air Events (12:00 pm – 4:30 pm)
Action Zone & Display Village between 11th and 14th Streets at Lummus Park (10:00 am – 6:00 pm) 

New protocols this year:
In keeping with safety protocols, the Air & Sea Show will have reserved seating in two different areas along with a preferred viewing section. Of course, you can always sit on the beach outside of these areas, but these are new options this year, including concession areas and the ability to hear announcers describing the action.

Umbrella Club: Six ticket package pricing: $300 single day or $550 both days 

Cabana Club: 10 ticket package pricing: $2,500 per day or $5,000 both days

Preferred viewing area:  Pricing: $40 per day and $75 for both days. 
**Promotional Pricing Schedule is as follows: April ($35/$65); May ($40/75)

All attendees must wear masks and practice social distancing according to CDC and City of Miami Beach guidelines. 


In addition to the traditional Memorial Day Weekend traffic loop, the City is exploring the potential for a trolley loop.

The traffic loop will be deployed beginning at 7:00 pm on Friday through Sunday night. The loop directs traffic in a northbound configuration on Collins Avenue to 17th Street. From there, traffic will be directed westbound to either west on Alton Road or to a southbound-only turn to Washington Avenue to 5th Street and then southbound in the northbound lanes of Washington Avenue to 5th Street. The loop will be broken down each morning by 6:00 am.

Enhanced enforcement

Code Compliance
  • Thursday, May 27 through Sunday, May 30, enhanced staffing deployment includes 10-hour shifts which provide for an overlap of officers that will focus on the Art Deco Cultural District (also known as the Entertainment or MXE District).
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Regular staffing of one supervisor and five Code Compliance Officers; Thursday through Sunday, staffing will be augmented with four additional officers dedicated to the Art Deco Cultural District from 4:30 pm to 3:00 am.
  • The Department will also utilize bicycle teams with supervisors using ATVs.
  • Two ATVs will be assigned to the beach during beach operation hours.
  • The Miami Beach Marina will have one Code Compliance Officer at all times (24 hours) during the weekend.
  • One officer per shift will be assigned to answer citywide and short-term rental investigations.
  • Staffing will begin to ramp down on Monday, May 31 with regular staffing on June 1.

Police Department
Commissioners received an update this week on enhanced police staffing.
  • Alpha Bravo staffing will be in effect meaning all officers will work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with overlapping shifts
  • Thursday there will be enhanced staffing with approximately 30 additional officers dedicated to the Art Deco Cultural/Entertainment District.
  • Monday the enhanced staffing component will again be in place with 30 extra officers deployed to the Art Deco Cultural/Entertainment District and other areas of the City.
  • Foot and bike patrols and ATVs will be utilized

In addition, the City has requested 150 Goodwill Ambassadors daily from Miami-Dade County.

Fire Department
  • The Fire Department will conduct nightly inspections and bar checks throughout the weekend to ensure occupancy loads and life safety codes are being followed.
  • The Department will place units in the Washington Avenue traffic loop as well as in Lummus Park in the event of an emergency

Photo courtesy National Salute to America’s Heroes

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