Miami Beach Commissioner Seeks Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Here

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Miami Beach Commissioner Seeks Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Here:

Broward County to begin drive-through tests this week

Miami Beach Commissioner Steven Meiner is pushing hard for drive-through coronavirus testing on Miami Beach. A number of states are using the method which was so popular in Denver, the test site was overwhelmed and had to close at one point, according to Bloomberg. This week, Broward County, which has become the epicenter of Florida’s outbreak, will begin drive-through testing with help from the National Guard.

Meiner raised the issue at Friday’s special Miami Beach City Commission meeting and has been pressing the point on social media ever since. He also continues to raise it with City Manager Jimmy Morales.

“The public reaction has been extremely positive,” Meiner said.  

He said he decided to push the idea after consulting with physicians and reading about what other countries have done and what other U.S. cities have done “to proactively protect their health care officials as well as their residents.” 

Meiner says with a drive-through operation, people coming to be tested are “sitting in their cars so they’re not exposing anyone else.” 

“There’s a business aspect to this,” he added. According to one report he read, “An urgent care clinic rejected the coronavirus test because they didn’t want someone coming in [to be tested] and then people wouldn’t want to come to their facility.”

Locations might include parking lots of Walgreens or CVS or lots used by businesses that are temporarily closing due to the virus, he said.

“I don’t think space is the issue,” he said, acknowledging access to the tests is.

As the number of cases in Miami-Dade County grows, Meiner said he will continue to press the issue.

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