Miami Beach Voters Reject Increase in Pay for Mayor and Commissioners

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Miami Beach Voters Reject Increase in Pay for Mayor and Commissioners:

Vote in favor of Renaming Convention Center Park Pride Park

Miami Beach voters once again rejected an increase in compensation for City Commissioners and Mayor as well as a term increase and new term limit for the Mayor. They also were in no mood to allow the same incentives for office space as allowed for hotels on Washington Avenue and Alton Road.
While decisive on the ballot questions, voters split among the many candidates running for three Commission seats setting up a run-off election for all three groups on Tuesday, November 19. Details on early voting and precincts here.
Meanwhile, results of the ballot questions are as follows:

Question 1: Increase and change the Mayor’s term limit
Yes 4,384 46.16%
No 5,113 53.84%

Question 2: Increase Mayor and Commissioners' annual compensation
Yes 4,209 44.06%
No 5,343 55.94%

Question 3: Amend procedures for filling Commission vacancies
Yes 6,545 74.02%
No 2,297 25.98%

Question 4: Rename Convention Center Park to Pride Park
Yes 5,443 55.89%
No 3,799 41.11%

Question 5: Authorize new floor area within interior of historic buildings for adaptive reuse
Yes 4,583 48.94%
No 4,782 51.06%

Question 6: Floor area ratio increase for office uses along Washington Avenue and Alton Road
Yes 4,234 45.45%
No 5,082 54.55%

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