moratoriums abound

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

moratoriums abound:

temp halt on north beach demolition, detox centers, and floating ads but medical marijuana okay

Miami Beach City Commissioners took a number of actions at their meeting this week with regard to moratoriums, most temporary but one on floating ads is permanent.

Medical marijuana moratorium will not be extended: Commissioners voted 4-3 against extending the City’s moratorium on medical marijuana as the majority was convinced the City’s process will result in regulations for dispensaries before the current moratorium expires in March. The Land Use and Development Committee will discuss potential locations and other operational rules at its meeting next week, followed by consideration by the Planning Board on February 20th.  If the Planning Board approves those regulations and agrees to send them to the Commission for final approval, zoning in progress goes into effect making a moratorium unnecessary.
Moratorium on detox centers, etc: While this 180 day moratorium covers a number of categories, it is most notable for its prohibition on the establishment of “residential detoxification centers” and “Adult Congregate Living Facilities” (ACLF). Last Fall, the Planning Board upheld the Planning Director’s denial for Normandy Living LLC to build and operate a detox center on a three-property area it acquired in Normandy Isle at 1904 Marseille Drive, 7100 Rue Granville, and 1950 Normandy Drive. Second reading and public hearing is scheduled for March 1 though it is retroactive to February 8. The temporary moratorium is intended to give the City time to draft regulations to cover the location and operation of these facilities.

North Beach demolition moratoriums for contributing structures:
For the Tatum Waterway, passed on second reading.
For the North Beach National Register Conservation District, passed on first reading. Second reading and public hearing scheduled for March 1.
Our previous coverage with more details here.

Other North Beach news:
The Commission voted to re-engage Dover Kohl which worked with the City on creating the North Beach Master Plan to assist with creating design guidelines for the North Beach Conservation Districts. Commissioners voted for option 2 at a cost of $18,000.

Next week, at the Land Use and Development Committee meeting, a discussion will take place regarding development requirements for the new Town Center area as laid out in the Master Plan.
Daniel Veitia, member of the Master Plan Steering Committee, updated Commissioners on the ordinance allowing short-term rentals along Harding Avenue. One of the key reasons for passing the ordinance according to Commissioner Ricky Arriola was “to help promote historic preservation through adaptive reuse of these buildings.”
According to Veitia, it’s working. Prior to the ordinance there were 6 buildings with 98 units operating as hotels or short-term rentals on the Harding corridor. Since passage, Veitia says there is interest from owners of nine more buildings representing 135 units. Under the new rules, owners would be required to renovate these structures to Department of Interior standards for historic preservation. According to Veitia, what was once one of the area's “most derelict corridors” is now seeing heightened interest from owners who want to invest in and improve their buildings. “This is having an amazing positive impact on this corridor,” he told Commissioners.
Commissioners say no to marine advertising: Yes, Commissioners voted to prohibit floating ads on the City’s waterways. No, it doesn’t include the beach. The Atlantic Ocean is not considered a City waterway so those ads are still permitted but all other waterways under the City’s jurisdiction are included.
Here’s the full ordinance.

Of note: After many contentious meetings, the Commission took a civility oath. It lasted all of two hours.


medical marijuana dispensaries getting closer to fruition

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
planning board to consider locations and regulations

time out market

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
planning board approves high-end food hall, also medical marijuana dispensary locations

Medical marijuana dispensaries

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
land use development committee considers location options