One More Round of King Tides

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

One More Round of King Tides:

flooding may occur november 3 through 9

One more round of fall King Tides is coming up, November 3 through 9… meaning we can expect higher-than-predicted tides that may result in street and property flooding in low-lying areas. Sunny day flooding is anticipated for short periods of time in these lower lying areas and, a reminder, King Tides may be exacerbated by rainfall.

Here’s where you can find the tide charts to know when high tide will be, the likeliest points for flooding.

Residents who live in the following areas should anticipate some flooding in their neighborhoods throughout the King Tide event and plan accordingly:
  • Indian Creek Drive from 29th to 41st Streets
  • West Avenue and 8th Street
  • 1st Street and Alton Road
  • South Pointe Drive and Washington Avenue
  • 44th Street and Post Avenue (Muss Park area)
  • North Bay Road from 43rd to 63rd streets
  • Bonita Drive
  • Marseille Drive and Rue Notre Dame
  • Crespi Boulevard and 79th Terrace.
The City will install temporary pumps to mitigate flooding in these areas but property owners in these or any flood-prone areas are strongly encouraged by the City to use flood panels and other flood protection methods to protect their property. 

Register here for the City’s Parking Flood Relief Program to obtain free temporary parking accommodations during King Tides and other weather events.

In preparation for King Tides, City staff clears stormwater treatment systems to reduce pollutants that could enter the water and conduct inspections to reduce flooding.

Other reminders from the City:

Avoid coming into contact with floodwaters as there may be hazards such as pollutants and debris that you cannot see.

Avoid driving through floodwaters… it takes a little more than three feet of water to float a car.

Wash your car, including the undercarriage, if it comes into contact with floodwaters which are high in salinity and may damage your vehicle.

Please report flooding that obstructs access or causes damage to public or private property through the Miami Beach eGov app or via email to

Photo: King Tide Flooding, 2019

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