planning board: il giardino's bad behavior, round 2

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

planning board: il giardino's bad behavior, round 2:

ocean drive restaurant's violations cause for concern

Planning Board
Tuesday, September 26, 10:00 am
City Hall, Commissioner Chambers
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Coming back from August recess, the Planning Board has a heavy agenda. It will start off earlier than usual with a workshop on workforce housing to better understand some of the issues coming before it. And, then, expect things to get interesting. Il Giardino, the Ocean Drive restaurant called out for bad behavior by several Board members in July, is back with a number of open violations, and that could result in a modification or revocation of its Conditional Use Permit to operate.

The Board put Il Giardino (1236 Ocean Drive) on notice to clean up its act or face action with regard to its CUP at the July meeting. With seven outstanding violations related to sidewalk café operations, trash, resort tax payments, selling cigars in unapproved areas, failing to itemize a bill for tax and tip, and alcoholic beverages being placed in to-go cups, City Staff is recommending the Board consider modifying or revoking the CUP.  Staff memo here.

4000 Collins Avenue, The Continental Collins Ave, is seeking approval for construction of a new four-story parking structure with a commercial/retail space on the ground floor. Noting concerns with traffic circulation and valet access, Staff recommends continuing the application. Memo and details here.

Park Central Partners (626, 640, 650 Ocean Drive) is seeking approval for a Conditional Use Permit for an Outdoor Entertainment Establishment and Neighborhood Impact Establishment. Staff recommends approval with conditions. Details.
Normandy Arcade, 1238-1250 Normandy Drive, Request for a CUP for operation of a video game arcade and pass through snack service window. Staff recommends approval. Details.

North Beach National Register Conservation District Overlay, details here and here.

121 Collins Avenue, request to build and operate a 13 space surface parking lot with hours after midnight. This item is before the Planning Board as its proposed operation past midnight requires a conditional use permit granted by the Planning Board. Given its location in an historic district, the application also requires Historic Preservation Board approval regardless of hours of operation. In its memo recommending denial, Planning Staff says, “In general, a surface parking lot is an undesirable use for a property, such as the subject site. Over the long term, vehicular storage lots, such as this, have an adverse impact on the developed context of the surrounding area and can become an eyesore to the neighborhood.” Noting multifamily residential buildings to the South and East, Staff writes, “As proposed by the applicant, the lot will be self-parking, which raises concerns relative to noise from patrons utilizing the lot, especially late at night.” They also say that lighting could be a nuisance to the nearby residents. While recommending denial of the CUP, Staff notes, the applicant can proceed with its plans before the HPB and choose to stop operations at midnight. Details.

7128 Indian Creek Drive Hotel. Staff recommends approval with conditions. Details.

Below grade parking, minimum requirements and criteria. Details.

Height limit measurement, removal of limits on stories. Details.