planning board preview

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

planning board preview:

May 23, 2017

Planning Board preview
Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 1:00 pm
City Hall, Commission Chambers
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Some of the highlights...
Discussion item: North Beach Yard concept
The North Beach Yard concept proposed for the West Lots, and specifically on the area identified between 81st and 82nd Streets on the west side of Collins Avenue, will be discussed. The pop-up food concept by the operators of The Wynwood Yard has been enthusiastically embraced by the North Beach Steering Committee and the City Commission. It is now working its way through the various approval processes before going back to the Commission for final sign-off.  Under the Planning Board’s jurisdiction, the zoning for the area. In order to allow the North Beach Yard to utilize the site, the City’s comprehensive plan would need to be amended to allow commercial uses on the West Lots. This is a discussion item only. It will need to be noticed to the public before it can be considered at the June Planning Board meeting. Staff memo here.
Modification to Previously Approved Board Order: Time Out Market
Time Out Market wants to get off on the right foot with its soon-to-be neighbors in the 1600 block of Drexel Avenue, so it is proposing to reduce the hours of its Miami Beach operation on Friday and Saturday nights. While approved by the Planning and Historic Preservation Boards, area residents and several City Commissioners continued to express concerns about a 2 am closing time on weekends. Rather than engage in a protracted fight, Time Out says it will close at midnight in an effort to prove its concept to the community and show that it will be a good neighbor. Staff memo and application here.
Continued Item: Commercial height standards
The Board will consider a recommendation from the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Sea Level Rise to allow for new height standards for commercial buildings so that first floors can be raised as surrounding streets and sidewalks are elevated. Commercial establishments rely on ground level foot traffic and elevating a first floor retail area prior to streets and sidewalks being raised is not ideal for pulling in customers.
The proposed ordinance allows buildings in commercial districts that are proposed at the maximum number of stories, to be developed with an additional five feet of height, provided the ground floor is a minimum of 12 feet from Base Flood Elevation (BFE) plus freeboard. BFE is 8 feet; freeboard is 1 foot up to 5 feet. Any change would require the review and approval of the Design Review Board or Historic Preservation Board, as applicable. The change would allow for ground floors to be placed at a lower level now, while providing sufficient ceiling height for the ground floors to be raised in the future when roadways and sidewalks are raised. Staff memo and ordinance here.

New Applications
Park Central Hotel, 626-650 Ocean Drive
Application to create an outdoor entertainment establishment for the three buildings located at 626, 640 and 650 Ocean Drive. Project includes a covered outdoor bar area within the courtyard and pool deck area and includes outdoor entertainment. The proposal is for 246 seats with a maximum occupancy of 465 people. Details here.

The Standard, 40 Island Avenue
The owners of The Standard Hotel and Spa are seeking a variance to allow their renovations plans to move forward.
Our coverage here.
Details on the variances before the Planning Board here and here.

Make comments in person at the meeting or email Antoinette Stohl with your comments.