Preview: Land Use and Development Committee

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Preview: Land Use and Development Committee:

Participate in shaping the issues early in the process

Committees are where things get hammered out before they head to the Commission. These meetings are some of the best opportunities for the community to be involved and help shape the issues important to them. Some big issues will be discussed at the Land Use and Development Committee's meeting next week. Full agenda and item details here but some of the highlights include:
North Beach Master Plan Recommendations for the Town Center (TC) Zoning Districts
First, some definitions:
  • TC-1 zoning districts allow “high intensity compact development” for “business, office, retail, governmental services, culture and entertainment.”
  • The TC-3 district “is intended to be a transition between the high-intensity town center core and the surrounding low-intensity residential multifamily districts.”
  • TC-3(c) is a subset of TC-3, designed to encourage small business development providing neighborhood-oriented retail and services.
More info on the City’s zoning districts here.

 The Land Use Development Committee will discuss the recommendations of the North Beach Steering Committee to:
  1. Adopt the setback proposals from the 2014 Allan Shulman Massing Study.
  2. Between Dickens and Abbott Avenues, expand the TC-1 zoning district boundaries north to 72nd Street to replace the existing TC-3(c) district boundaries.
  3. Between Carlyle Avenue / Indian Creek Drive and Harding Avenue, expand the TC-1 zoning district boundaries south to 69th street to replace the existing TC-3 and TC-3(c) boundaries. As part of this TC-1 expansion, include a minimum required setback from 69th street of at least 50' for building height in excess of 4 stories / 45’.
  4. The City should use a Historic Preservation Fund to sell bonus FAR to developers, and use those funds to fund grants to property owners to help restore historic elements of their buildings or help adapt the structures for SLR.
  5. The maximum FAR for any proposed increase within a particular district should be 3.5, with added FAR as a bonus.
Recommendations 2 – 5 are related to an increase in FAR that would require approval in a general referendum. (FAR refers to floor area ratio and is used to measure density.)
Proposed Ordinance Amendments Pertaining to RM-1 and RM-2 Development Regulations and Parking
Proposed by the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Sea Level Rise to ensure the resiliency of new construction and properties in the RM-1 and RM-2 districts, the ordinance would allow for increased height and reduced parking requirements to address sea level rise. RM-1 is residential multifamily, low-intensity. RM-2 is residential multifamily, medium intensity. (See item two on the agenda for history and details of the current proposal.)
Discussion items also include:
  • Proposed ordinance amendment pertaining to non-conforming buildings for meeting sustainability and resiliency requirements when a building is undergoing renovation. Continued from last month.
  • Development regulations and guidelines for new construction in the Palm View Historic District to address resiliency, sustainability and adaptation.
  • Follow up regarding adding “Office Space use” to the Washington Avenue incentives.
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