RE:MiamiBeach Takes a Break

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

RE:MiamiBeach Takes a Break:

After five years, we're on hiatus

This article was originally published in the November 6, 2021 RE:MiamiBeach newsletter 

And just like that… it’s been five years since RE:MiamiBeach came onto the scene. Through hurricanes, Zika, COVID, and five Spring Breaks, we’ve kept you informed of what matters most to you. Through good times and bad, you’ve stayed with us and helped us grow.
“Us” is a team that included web design by Jacober Creative and uber-programmer Kerry Burt. But, the reality is, the daily, weekly, monthly work for the past five years has been the effort of one writer – yours truly. Hours attending meetings, taking notes and distilling them, then writing and publishing stories that many others don’t cover or can’t cover in-depth.

RE:MiamiBeach’s hallmark has been straight down the middle coverage at whatever length it takes to tell the story, sometimes a few hundred words, sometimes more than 8,000. Without space constraints, we could do that.
And, just like that… it flew by until you wake up and realize it’s time to take a break. Time to take that first vacation in four years. Time to reconnect with friends and family. Time to participate in things rather than be an objective observer and chronicler.
Thank you to each of you for reading. I am grateful for your emails and words of encouragement along the way. They meant the world, especially after those 24-hour sprints to make the Saturday morning deadline (many more times than I can count). Thank you to all of those who trusted me with their stories. And thank you to the advertisers who stepped up to support local news.
The local news business is hard. Sustainable long-term business models remain elusive. RE:MiamiBeach was a labor of love and I’m fortunate to have been able to contribute to the community I love for so long.
This will be the last newsletter with original content. Through the end of the month, I will move up the usual end of year “Best of” issues, sharing the top ten stories of 2021 and, this year, a bonus issue with the top stories of all time. After that, RE:MiamiBeach will go on hiatus.
I had planned to announce this at the beginning of December but I have the opportunity, on an interim basis, to help a place that I love – the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. I have stepped in as Interim Executive Director while the Board searches for a permanent replacement. After that, who knows! What I do know is that I will continue to be an active participant in Miami Beach and, now, be able to dedicate time to and advocate for causes that I care deeply about, our ocean and environment for starters.
As for this list… the commitment from the beginning is that it would not be shared with anyone, ever, and that commitment will remain. Though it won’t be updated, the website will be available for archival content and the social media accounts may from time to time include new content.
You can continue to find me on my personal Instagram and in the Botanical Garden. So, this is goodbye, but not farewell.
With gratitude,
Susan Askew