Rosetta Bakery

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Rosetta Bakery:

929 Collins Avenue

Cozy space with upstairs loft for working.

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Review Summary:

This is a bright and cheery space that puts you in a good mood to work, but the noise, spotty internet connection and limited electrical outlets could affect your productivity. Like most coffee shops, you wouldn't want to spend an entire day working here. However, it's a pleasant environment to check a few emails while enjoying a coffee or pastry. 


  • Remote worker friendly
  • Cheerful and cozy with West Elmish décor
  • Small number of barstools downstairs in a narrow area and outdoor tables on Collins though this seemed less comfortable for working as people were eating and having conversations at the outdoor tables
  • Upstairs there’s a bar across the front of the loft area; barstools don’t have any backs but are fairly comfortable
  • One small rectangular table in small alcove… we had to move there as it contained the only outlet in the place (which that day was desperately needed!)
  • Lots of light with windows on three sides due to space between buildings
  • Restroom locked with access via passcode, clean


  • No skim milk for lattes!! Whole, almond, soy only. (Yes, that’s a big minus for Susan!)
  • Only one electrical outlet that we could find
  • Music is a bit loud but the alcove was quieter
  • Wi-Fi is free but there’s a password; took a while for the network to show up and when it did, it worked well at the bar counter but not in the alcove; we switched to personal hotspots.
  • Only one other person with a computer and he left after half an hour
  • Loud… sound travels up to the loft


Susan (whole milk latte): Bitter!
Michael (regular coffee): I’m okay with the coffee. It’s a little bit bitter.

Reviewed November 11, 2019

Best Coffee Shops for Working Remotely on Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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