Short-term rentals must play by the rules

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Short-term rentals must play by the rules:

new fines for legal rentals that do not have proper licensing

The City continues its efforts to regulate short-term rentals on the Beach. In addition to hefty fines for illegal short-term rentals, the City wants to ensure legal rentals play by the rules. This week, Commissioners gave final approval to an ordinance that requires owners of short-term rentals 1) to prove they are in an area where transient rentals are permitted, 2) obtain a business tax receipt (BTR), 3) register with the City Finance Director and obtain a resort tax registration certificate, as well as 4) obtain written authorization from the condominium association that authorizes the property owner to engage in short-term rentals.
In addition, owners must show that they comply with the American Disabilities Act, the Florida Fire Prevention Code, and the Florida Building Code. All of these activities must be completed first, before a property owner advertises their rentals. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in fines of $1,000 for the first offense, $5,000 for a second violation, $7,500 for a third violation, and $10,000 and loss of the BTR for a fourth offense.