Time Out Market Review

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Time Out Market Review:

1601 Drexel Avenue

Large food hall allows you to eat and work 

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Time Out Market 1601 Drexel Avenue 3.5 4.0 7.5


review summary:

It’s a food hall… but despite the crowd, there is a quiet place to work at the South end. Plenty of choices and the food is good, so you can easily work here for a while with plenty of sustenance. 


  • Quiet on the south end (though that’s probably not ideal for the food stalls at this end). We were here at noon on a weekday and experienced no din from diners. Weekends may be different.
  • Acoustics are very good and music is at an ambient level. Not distracting at all.
  • Natural light is good on the south corner.
  • Free W-Fi which worked well. Michael did a video call with no issues.
  • So many choices for food and drink here. Michael: “This I could do more frequently.” 


  • A littly chilly
  • No outlets… this is a food hall!
  • Long bar top table on the south but we decided it was too skinny to work from so we sat at a dining table. The chair height at the dining table is too low for someone of Susan’s height (5’3”) to work comfortably for a long period of time. The bar height table is probably better for work.
  • Expensive to eat here.

pet peeve:

One of Susan’s biggest pet peeves is people lumping Miami Beach into the Miami bucket. (This is RE:MiamiBeach, after all.) Logging into Wi-Fi here, your city options include Miami. Not Miami Beach. Please see us for who we are! And... we note the branding on the sign says Miami. :-(


Michael went for the vegan coffee from Love Life Café: Since it’s a vegan place you just have to like your coffee without dairy milk – and I do. It was good. I like how they have coffee places on both ends of the hall.

Being a hardcore latte fan, Susan bought her coffee from Bachour. Thumbs up! Bonus, they have skim milk. The gourmet guava and cheese “danish” will never replace the guava and cheese pastelitos from the Cuban ventanitas but it was good.

Reviewed December 3, 2019

Best Coffee Shops for Working Remotely on Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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