Wolfsonian Museum Café Review

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Wolfsonian Museum Café Review:

1001 Washington Avenue

Quiet little coffee and museum shop

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    Ease of Work Environment Overall
Wolfsonian Museum Café 1001 Washington Ave 3.5 5.0 8.5


review summary:

Their website says the Wolfsonian Museum Café is the “best kept secret for remote working” and we have to agree! The only downside is spotty internet so be prepared to use a personal hotspot.


  • Work atmosphere: really good with the least distractions of any of the places we’ve been so far. 
  • Cozy with good size tables.
  • Amazingly quiet. It was holiday time and there were people in and out of the gift shop but the retail items are on the outer edges of the café so shoppers don’t walk through the table area. And it’s a museum so people tend not to raise their voices!
  • Not a lot of natural light, but the lighting is done well.


  • A little chilly temperature wise.
  • Internet was in and out so we both switched to personal hotspots.
  • It’s a gift shop first so the offerings are very limited (coffee, iced coffee, bar).
  • Music was a bit loud at times but with the likes of Frank Sinatra playing, no complaints from Susan.
  • Outlets not plentiful but there was one in the column in the center.

Michael: You don’t go here for the coffee, it’s more about the environment. A great space to actually get work done.

Susan: It is my favorite remote workspace!


Michael:  It’s okay.

Susan: A little bitter. They don’t have skim milk but they do have almond and 2% low fat. That works!

Reviewed: December 12, 2019


Best Coffee Shops for Working Remotely on Miami Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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