Indian Creek Roadwork to Restart Soon

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Indian Creek Roadwork to Restart Soon:

Final phase of long-delayed project from 25th to 41st Streets ready to go

Really, it’s about to start… the final phase of the Indian Creek Flood Mitigation Project on Indian Creek Drive and Collins Avenue between 25th and 41st Streets.

While some of the work on the stormwater and resiliency project was completed a while ago, getting to full completion has been delayed by a couple of years after unpermitted seawall work was discovered that will most likely require the City to tear out three sections and rebuild them, having to reject bids for the last phase of the project when they came in significantly over budget, and the need to negotiate agreements with 29 property owners for “harmonization” plans to create a gradual incline from the elevated roadway leading to their properties.

Miami Beach Director of Capital Improvement Projects, David Martinez, said he anticipates the City is just a couple of weeks away from giving Ric-Man Construction the notice to proceed with the road work.

**Note: This is not for the seawall repair or the landscaping portion of the project, both of which are still to be finalized. The City is waiting for final word from the various regulatory agencies on remedies to the seawall issues. Meanwhile, meetings continue with residents regarding the landscaping, pathway design, and location of a pump generator.

Martinez said he expects the contractor to commence construction activities within 30 days of receipt of the Notice to Proceed, so in about 45 days things should be underway.

Of the 29 properties that need harmonization, Martinez told City Commissioners this week there are only five that still need to execute an agreement with the City, most of which he thinks will be forthcoming. For any that do not come to terms, the harmonization will occur within the City right of way which is possible in these cases, he said.

The big outstanding item, the permit from the County Department of Environmental Resources Management for the 32nd Street pump, was received at the end of January.

With the permit in place, Martinez said, “We’re prepared to move on the project… We’ve talked to the contractor. We understand the urgency of this project. Indian Creek has been under these conditions for a very long time.”

Photo: DMSI

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