From dumping ground to dog play area?

Normandy Isle

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

From dumping ground to dog play area?:

city will reach out to Normandy Isle neighbors for feedback

An unkempt area at Rue Vendome and Biarritz Drive is being suggested as a potential dog area by Commissioner Micky Steinberg. At this week’s Neighborhood and Community Affairs Committee, Steinberg said she thinks this is a win-win for the neighborhood where many people walk their dogs on the streets, some of whom do not clean up after them. She says this particular area has become a dumping ground. If it were to be green space, fenced in for use as a dog area with doggie bags on site, it might be a way to keep the space free of trash and the streets free of dog poo. The Parks Department will reach out to the neighborhood for feedback. What do you think? Send Commissioner Steinberg an email and let her know.