How Many Co-Living Units in North Beach Town Center?

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew

How Many Co-Living Units in North Beach Town Center?:

Land use committee to discuss doubling number from 312 to 624

When the City Commission approved the new regulations for development of the North Beach Town Center – Central Core, one of the sticking points was the number of co-living or micro units. The concept, which allows for smaller living spaces and more shared space within a building, is taking hold in urban areas throughout the U.S. but is new to Miami Beach. Discussion to allow them in the TC-C district created angst about the potential increase in traffic. As a result, the Commission compromised on 312 total co-living units.
This week, the Commission’s Land Use and Development Committee will discuss a new City staff analysis that indicates there is no greater population impact from micro-units than conventional residential units and recommends doubling the limit of the co-living units allowed within the TC-C district to 624 units.
“Due to the small size of co-living units, they will likely house fewer people than a conventional housing unit,” according to the staff memo. “For planning purposes, it is estimated that a conventional housing unit has 2.5 people per dwelling unit. A report from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) entitled The Macro View on Micro Units indicates that the ability to live alone is one of the primary reasons for people to move into a co-living unit. Because of the size of a co-living unit and the expectation of more attainable rents, it is more likely that they will be made up of single-person households. Because a co-living unit is roughly half the size of a conventional unit, it can be estimated that the planning impact of a co-living unit will be half (1/2) that of a conventional unit, or approximately 1.25 people per dwelling unit.”
“Due to their smaller sizes, it is expected that co-living units will have more attainable rents, while still providing a significant amount of amenities for residents that allow for high levels of social interaction,” Staff writes. “They are shown to attract young professionals that are not looking for the expense and responsibilities of home ownership and retirees looking to downsize. Attracting such residents is desirable in order to encourage the economic development of the North Beach Town Center.”
Based on calculations of allowable FAR (Floor Area Ratio or density), Staff concludes, “Since a single block will not be able to accommodate more than 518 co-living units, these modifications will likely result in the development of only one (1) major co-living building.”
More details here.

 Land Use and Development Committee meeting, Wednesday, March 6 beginning at 1:00 pm.

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