North Beach Skate Park

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew

North Beach Skate Park:

discussions are in the early phases to bring a skate park to north beach

One of the recommendations of the North Beach Master Plan was to create a skate park (or all-wheels park). While in the early stages of discussion, the focus currently is on using the 72nd Street surface parking lot as an area that could accommodate a parking garage, retail and/or office space, and a skate park. One of the challenges may be the location of a major sewer line under the lot that would need to remain accessible for any future repairs. A utility study is now underway to determine what can best be built on the site without additional large costs of moving major utility services. At its meeting last week, members of the North Beach Master Plan Steering Committee expressed their desire for the skate park to be located on the 72nd Street lot due to its location within a “sports corridor” with the adjacent North Shore Park and Youth Center ball fields and tennis courts and the soon-to-be completed kayak launch at 73rd and Dickens. Another potential option if the lot cannot accommodate the park is to use the West Lots on Collins Avenue.