Parking relief for Biscayne Beach

Biscayne Beach

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Parking relief for Biscayne Beach:

new parking garage recommended

In an effort to relieve the parking shortage for residents in Biscayne Beach, the City Commission’s Finance and Citywide Projects Committee recommended building a four-story 70 space parking garage on the north end of a city owned parcel at 8100 Hawthorne Avenue. The cost is estimated to be $1.8 million and would be included in next year’s budget. The committee discussed the potential of the garage being five stories if a retail space or a café could be incorporated into the project as a benefit to the community as well as potentially offsetting the costs to the City.
In the short term, the City says it could make modifications to striping in an effort to accommodate 20-25 additional spaces for cars and 20-30 new motorcycle/scooter spaces.
The parking shortage is attributed to the density of the area which includes many multi-unit residential buildings and the vehicle to household ratio. (There are no entertainment or commercial districts displacing resident parking.) The proposal now goes to the full Commission.