550 9th Street Rezoning Before Planning Board

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Susan Askew

550 9th Street Rezoning Before Planning Board:

Former oceanside extended care center may become hotel

Miami Beach’s Planning Board this week will consider a proposed rezoning for the site of the former Oceanside Extended Care Center to allow a development group to convert it to a 110-room hotel. 
The property located at 550 9th Street is currently zoned for hospital use. The proposed new zoning is RM-2, residential multi-family, medium intensity. If the rezoning is recommended favorably by the Planning Board to the City Commission and then approved by them, the owners of 550 Ninth LLC propose to partially demolish and renovate the former assisted living facility built in 1966.
In a memo to the Planning Board, Planning Director Tom Mooney wrote in support of the application, “Other medical and hospital uses could be located in the facility, however, many such facilities have closed. Additionally, these uses may negatively impact surrounding neighbors and would be undesirable.”
“[T]he RM-2 district would provide for an appropriate transition between the higher intensity uses to the east and the low intensity multifamily resident areas to the west,” Mooney said. “The proposed RM-2 future land use designations allow for development of buildings with a lower intensity than the current 'Public Facility Hospital' designation."
While the rezoning is before the Planning Board, the developers have also submitted the hotel project to the Historic Preservation Board for design approval. That hearing is scheduled for the HPB’s July meeting. 
In a letter to the Preservation Board, Attorney Michael Larkin said the six-story facility had 88 hospital rooms with a total of 92 beds. Through an interior reconfiguration, the hotel will have 110 rooms.  There will also be a café with 20 seats and a roof top pool deck. The developers are seeking a variance to allow for hotel rooms as small at 265 sq ft where City Code calls for a minimum of 300 sq ft.
Mooney, in his memo to the HPB, wrote “[A] number of enhancements to the site are proposed including a substantial reduction in the amount of the pavement within the front yard, the introduction of additional landscaping and the partial enclosure of the parking below the existing building.”
“Overall, the project is a welcome improvement over the current site conditions and is not expected to have an adverse impact on the surrounding historic district,” he said.
Allan Shulman is the architect.
To comment on the rezoning, either attend the Planning Board meeting and speak in person or send email comments to Antoinette Stohl.
Planning Board
Tuesday, June 26, 1 pm
City Hall Commission Chambers
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To comment on the design of the proposed project, either attend the Historic Preservation Board meeting and speak in person or send email comments to Victor Nunez.
Historic Preservation Board
Tuesday, July 10, 9 am
City Hall, Commission Chambers
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 Renderings: Shulman + Associates
550 9th Street Current Conditions
Proposed project, Pennsylvania Avenue view
Proposed project, view from 9th Street

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