550 9th Street Rezoning Recommended

Flamingo Park

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

550 9th Street Rezoning Recommended:

New hotel proposed for site of former Oceanside Extended Care Center

The Miami Beach Planning Board this week recommended a rezoning for the property located at 550 9th Street from HD (Hospital District) to CD-2. The new owners of the old Oceanside Extended Care Center have proposed an adaptive reuse of the building for a hotel.
Rogelio Madan, Chief of Community Planning for the City’s Planning Department, said the remainder of the block is already zoned CD-2 and he noted that this location is the only Hospital District remaining in the city outside of the Mt Sinai campus. If it were to remain HD zoning, it could be used in ways that he described as incompatible with the neighborhood including detox centers and other hospital uses. 
Because it is an adaptive reuse of the health care facility, the developers asked the Planning Board to support maintaining the smaller room sizes of 250 sq ft which is consistent with the recently adopted Washington Avenue Corridor regulations allowing for micro hotels.
Michael Larkin, attorney for 550 Ninth LLC, said the developers have worked with the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association and agreed to a “a very strong covenant… which severely limits the operation of the hotel in terms of food and beverage use and many other items.” The covenant, which will be recorded against the land, states the site’s only permitted use will be as a hotel which may include an accessory roof top restaurant, ground floor café, one meeting room, and a spa. Any change of use on the property must be approved by the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association and 75% of all owners of property located along Pennslyvania Avenue between 8th and 9th Street. The ground floor café operations would close at 11 pm and the roof top café at midnight under the agreement.
“With this covenant,” Larkin said, “We believe this hotel use will be entirely consistent with the surrounding neighborhood and be compatible with our residential neighbors to the west.”
The Planning Board unanimously recommended the rezoning and maintaining the smaller room size. It now goes to the City Commission for two readings. Because the building is in a historic district, the design and uses will need to be approved by the Historic Preservation Board if the rezoning is approved by the Commission.
The architect is Alan Shulman.
Renderings: Shulman + Associates
550 9th Street, current conditions

Proposed hotel for 550 9th Street, Pennsylvania Avenue side

Proposed hotel for 550 9th Street, 9th Street side

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