Cleaner Streets Pilot Program Delayed in South Beach

Flamingo Park

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Cleaner Streets Pilot Program Delayed in South Beach:

Community concerned about parking, signage, and notification

When we talked with Jay Fink, Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of Miami Beach, last week about the City’s “cleaner streets” pilot program, he said the street cleaning initiative has been “talked about for 20 years but in the City of Miami Beach when it comes to moving cars, parking restrictions, inconveniences for anyone for any reason… no one had the appetite to take this on.” This week, the Flamingo Park neighborhood portion of the program was delayed due to concerns over – you guessed it – moving cars and parking restrictions.

Jack Johnson, a Flamingo Park neighborhood resident, said the program was “of great concern” to residents. “We are not opposed to clean streets,” he told City Commissioners at their meeting this week. “Clean streets are an excellent goal and an admirable goal and we look forward to that.” However, he said, the pilot was “implemented without consulting the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association and, so far, without notifying the vast majority of the residents of the Flamingo Park neighborhood who are unaware this is about to happen to them.”
As part of the program, cars need to be moved from one side of a street between 9 and noon on designated days. Cars that are not moved are subject to fines and/or towing. 
Johnson asked for a delay in the program until the City meets with the neighborhood association. Among their concerns, a question about whether the program will mean additional signs in the neighborhood. “Signage is a problem,” Johnson said. “If you don’t believe me, just walk on 16th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue east for two blocks. You will count 19 different signs on 19 different signposts just on the south side of the street.”
Insufficient places to park and concerns that many residents have not been notified of the pending street cleaning parking rules is another issue. “The number of zone 2 parking permits far exceeds the number of available spaces in the zone, so finding parking during a time when street cleaning is going to take place is going to be very difficult.” Johnson asked the City to meet with residents to hear their questions, concerns, and ideas that might lead to a more successful implementation of the program.
Shortly after the Commission meeting, City spokeswoman Melissa Berthier wrote in an email, “Based on concerns that were raised at this week’s Commission meeting regarding the street cleaning implementation in the Flamingo neighborhood, the City Manager has advised that the program, which would require parked cars to be moved or subjected to ticketing/towing, be delayed until after the August 5th Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association meeting. As such, staff is working up a revised program rollout to address the concerns raised.  Once the details are defined, further advisories will be put forth.”
The cleaner streets pilot was launched in response to the 2019 Resident Survey which indicated cleanliness of neighborhood streets is a top priority and in need of improvement.
Two pilot areas were identified, the one in Flamingo Park and one in North Beach from 67th to 73rd Streets between Collins Avenue and Indian Creek Drive. The North Beach pilot began this week. No word yet on how it’s going in North Beach.

Photo: City of Miami Beach

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