Club Exchange Closed Saturday night for Crowd Outside

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Club Exchange Closed Saturday night for Crowd Outside:

Police say crowd gathering on sidewalk created unsafe conditions

Club Exchange had to shut down Saturday night after Police, Fire, and Code Enforcement officers observed “several hundred patrons” gathered outside the nightclub around midnight, creating an unsafe situation, according to the Miami Beach Police report of the incident.
As we first reported in our Saturday newsletter, Police and Code have been monitoring parties in local bars and clubs throughout the weekend. According to the Police report, MBPD Police Chief Dan Oates, City Manager Jimmy Morales, MBPD Patrol Major Paul Acosta, and Director of Code Enforcement Hernan Cardeno were on the scene.
The Police report noted the “public safety violations” observed “while conducting club checks”:
  1. There were several hundred patrons lined up on the sidewalk, the amount of people waiting in line were overtaking the sidewalk, not allowing pedestrians the use of the sidewalk to commute, and as a result, I witnessed numerous pedestrian [sic] forced onto the street into oncoming traffic endangering their safety.
  2. The Club was not properly queuing their customers.
  3. The Club Manager, Promoters and Security personnel who were present did not take any measures to ensure that patrons who were lined up on the sidewalk respected the sidewalk right of way. The line extended all the way to 16 street wrapping around the corner.  


Club Exchange, located at 1536 Washington Avenue describes itself as a “luxury” and “unparalleled nightlife venue”.  According to the club’s website, “Located in the heart of south beach in miami, florida, exchange miami leaves celebrities and upscale party-goers with a feeling of euphoria.”
Last night, the club advertised a “Megan Thee Stallion” event promoting “Ladies Free w/RSVP until Midnight."

  The venue or promoter appears to be deleting comments and questions about refunds due to the event being “unexpectedly cancelled”. Comments in the screenshot above are no longer available. Ticket prices are not available as the event is over but the club is promoting YFN Lucci tonight with tickets priced at $20. Express admission is $40.

No one answered when RE:MiamiBeach called the Club Sunday and a recording indicated the voicemailbox was full. We also reached out via text to a number provided for text inquiries about the show as well as via the Exchange Miami email and through DM on Instagram with no response.
The City Administration has not clarified whether or not this was a voluntary closure or forced. During Spring Break, two clubs – Señor Frogs and Cameo – “closed voluntarily at the City’s request for public safety concerns and obstructing the sidewalk,” according to a letter to Commissioners from City Manager Jimmy Morales in April. 

[Update May 29: While we still have not received a comment from the City, the club was open again Sunday with what was reported on social media to be shorter lines outside.]
Code Compliance Director Hernan Cardeno told us at the time that, in those cases, the voluntary closure allowed for a gradual, orderly dispersal of the large crowds there. In the case of an involuntary shutdown, the clubs would have “lost their entire weekend” due to a requirement to submit a plan acceptable to the public safety departments in order for them to be able to reopen. 

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