COVID-19 Cancels Miami City Ballet Gala, But Food Does Not Go to Waste

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

COVID-19 Cancels Miami City Ballet Gala, But Food Does Not Go to Waste:

Centerplate and Food Rescue US-Miami Feed the Homeless with Donation

What do you do when you have food for 500 and the event gets cancelled at the last minute? That was the situation at the Miami Beach Convention Center this week after the coronavirus pandemic forced the Miami City Ballet to postpone its gala.

Centerplate which is the food and beverage provider at the Convention Center did what it always does with extra food, donated it to feed the homeless, though this donation was much larger than usual.

Steve Haas, Executive Director for Centerplate at the Miami Beach Convention Center, said because of the last-minute cancellation, a lot of food was already on hand. In a tweet, Centerplate said the donation was 1,000 lbs+ of food including milk, yogurt, potatoes, cheese, lettuce, oranges, peppers, tomatoes, berries, grapes and more. The food went to Food Rescue US-Miami which distributed it to local missions and shelters in our community. 

While it was a disappointment to have the cancellation, Haas said the donation “let somebody benefit from this.” Under the circumstances, he said, he understood the reason and hopes the Convention Center will host a rescheduled gala in the fall.

Centerplate works with Food Rescue on a regular basis as there’s often food left over from the larger events, Haas said. “I’m thrilled when we can do this [and] take care of people who need it.”

“There’s usually an abundance but not like this” where all of the food was unused, he said.

The giving is not just in Miami Beach. Haas said Centerplate does this nationwide. “One of the main keys of the company right now is to serve the homeless. We are helping a lot of homeless.”

Photo: Centerplate

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