Deco Capital's Sunset Harbour Office Building Gets Design Approval from Miami Beach Board

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Deco Capital's Sunset Harbour Office Building Gets Design Approval from Miami Beach Board:

Final approval of height increase pending

The Design Review Board signed off on a proposed mixed-use building in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour that will include nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of Class A office space when completed. Still needed, final City Commission approval for an additional ten feet in height to allow for the taller ceilings desired by Class A tenants.

The project, known as Eighteen Sunset, is being developed by Deco Capital. Originally, the five-story building was designed and approved for residential use along with ground floor retail and a roof deck but as the market changed with an increased demand for office space in South Florida and lack of product in Miami Beach, the developer proposed office use instead

To accommodate the taller ceilings needed for high-end offices, Deco Capital Managing Principal Bradley Colmer proposed an increase in height from 55 to 65 feet for the one-block area in the 1700 blocks of Purdy Avenue and Bay Road. That ordinance passed on first reading in February. It is expected to get a second and final reading this week following agreement with the Sunset Harbour Neighborhood Association which is supporting a new Overlay for the area with incentives for additional office locations and restrictions on some uses including a prohibition on hotels. Eighteen Sunset is considered the “pilot block.”

The new building would contain ground floor retail, a second floor parking garage, offices on the third and fourth floor, and two residences on the top level. The original proposal contained 12 residential units.

Design Review Board member Jason Hagopian said, “I am loving this project.” Complimenting architect Rai Fernandez on the exterior design modifications made at the suggestion of the Board previously, Hagopian said, “[The building] appeals to me as an architect – the forms, the simplicity and the complexity kind of at the same time… There is something quintessentially Miami Beach and beachy about this… It’s really beautiful.”

Approval was unanimous.

The Commission item for the height increase for this pilot block is here. Time certain: 1:55 pm.

The Sunset Harbour Overlay ordinance which will have its first reading this week is here. Time certain: 10:05 am.

The Overlay ordinance provides a height increase to 65 feet for office uses on properties fronting Dade Boulevard between Alton Road and Bay Road, properties fronting Alton Road between 20th Street and Dade Boulevard as well as those fronting Purdy Avenue between 18th Street and Dade Boulevard. It would also eliminate the minimum parking requirement for non-residential uses above the ground floor while allowing developers to provide parking for office uses above the ground floor up to the level required in parking district 1 without counting against FAR (floor area ratio) limits. There are also limits on the number of lots that can be aggregated for retail, personal service or restaurant uses and maximum lot size for non-office developments.

Recommendations from a Neighborhood Vision Plan developed by the Sunset Harbour Neighborhood Association were incorporated into the ordinance including a hotel prohibition, requirements for a clear pedestrian path of ten feet as well as ground level uses to provide neighborhood activation. There are also setback requirements above 55 feet and limits on height for rooftop structures. 

Last week, the Planning Board recommended an exception to the hotel provision be given to developer Ronny Finvarb who plans to develop a Palomar Suites hotel on the edge of Sunset Harbour across Dade Boulevard from his Palomar Hotel. Finvarb successfully argued that he had relied on current zoning law and City staff in putting a property under contract before the prohibition was discussed by the Commission. He ultimately closed on the property. The City Commission will have the final say on the exception.

Renderings: Domo Architecture + Design 


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