New World Symphony Wallcasts Return

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

New World Symphony Wallcasts Return:

No live performances but a chance to watch archived highlights

The New World Symphony isn’t ready for live performances yet, but we can now enjoy archived concerts on the lawn of Soundscape Park. This week, the popular Wallcasts® resumed, celebrating ten years of the outdoor broadcasts at the New World Center and the Symphony’s first full season performing in the facility. 

The last Wallcast® was in February 2020. 

Howard Herring, President and Chief Executive Officer of New World Symphony (NWS), remarked, “While our celebration is muted by the pandemic, there could be no better time to bring Wallcast® back to the community.”

“The Wallcast® is a production from the New World Symphony’s Knight New Media Center, a program that is named for the Knight Foundation’s endowment of all our digital work,” Herring said. “Knight Foundation research tells us that culture connects community. We are thrilled to once again invite South Florida to the New World Center and our Wallcasts®.”

NWS spokeswoman Kathleen Drohan said a series of 6-8 Wallcasts® is planned through May. 

The next Wallcast® will be March 5 at 8:00 pm. Other dates will be announced in the near future.

Viewing will be under “new normal” guidelines with masks and social distancing required along with limited capacity but it’s a step forward! Keep an eye on the NWS website for schedule and more info on programming.

Photo (pre-pandemic) courtesy New World Symphony


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