Preliminary designs for west ave phase 2 unveiled

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Preliminary designs for west ave phase 2 unveiled:

project includes pump station, road elevation

The City presented its plans this week for Phase Two of the West Avenue Neighborhood Improvement Project. The project includes installation of a new pump station and raising the elevation of roadways to minimize street flooding.
A group of about 60 residents came out to hear the presentation at the Miami Beach Senior High School and – as has been the case with residents of other neighborhoods undergoing similar projects – expressed concerns over the impact of road elevation. City Staff emphasized they are available to meet with the local neighborhood association, condo associations, and one-on-one with residents to explain how the project will impact each of them individually.
Frustration levels rose over the project’s January start date when residents were seeing the first drawings in November. Many expressed concern about lack of time for input. Public Information Liaison Heather Leslie sought to allay the group’s fears. “We want it to be a collaborative effort so we can make any adjustments with your feedback. We don’t want to talk at you. We want to have a conversation.”
Mike Fischer, COO of contractor Ric-Man Construction, said, “How we move forward will have a lot to do with the feedback we get at this meeting.”
Still not satisfied, several audience members pressed on the timeline. Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Eric Carpenter said, “If we need to push start dates back to make additional modifications, we’ll do that. We want a collaborative effort. The start date is not set in stone.”
Carpenter said he is in regular contact with members of the West Avenue Neighborhood Association Board and urged residents to view the plans laid out on the nearby tables, ask questions, and schedule further meetings to give and get feedback.
Planned infrastructure improvements include a new storm water drainage system with pump station at the western street end of Lincoln Road, fire hydrants, sanitary sewer main, and water main and service lines. As part of the project, the City will construct a section of the Baywalk and seawall at the Lincoln Road street end and install new protected bicycle lanes along West Avenue.
The project covers West Avenue between 8th Street and Lincoln road including side streets, Bay Road between 14th Street and the Collins Canal, and Alton Court between 16th Street and Lincoln road. Leslie said work will be phased in a “sequenced manner” to minimize disruption. Crews will work in two areas concurrently, one beginning on 8th Street working north and another on 14th Street working north.
Fact sheet, presentation and other information here.

For additional information or to set up association or one-one-one meetings, contact Heather Leslie at 305-905-5876 or via email