purdy avenue boat ramp to close to commercial vessels

Sunset Harbour

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

purdy avenue boat ramp to close to commercial vessels:

operators have one month to wind down

The Barry Kutun (Purdy Avenue) Boat Ramp at the Maurice Gibb Park in Sunset Harbour will soon close to commercial vessels.
Despite a Commission resolution in 2015 to prohibit commercial use and establish recreational boat use and parking for residents only, and a 2016 ordinance affirming the prohibition, the City “took a pause to determine if we should contemplate concession agreements specifically for amphibious tours also known as duck tours, jet skis, etc.,” Parks and Recreation Director John Rebar told Miami Beach City Commissioners this week.
After many months of community input and Commission committee meetings, Rebar said the staff supports the community’s desire to not engage in any commercial use at the boat ramp.
What has been contentious discussion continued at the Commission meeting with operators saying the resolution is inconsistent with decades of use by small business owners and the development that has occurred in the neighborhood. Tony Maldonado from Advantage Yacht Charters and Sales said, “I don’t think the ramp should be excluded from what it’s been doing for decades… embrace the businesses and embrace the locals.” He said, “All it needs is security to keep an eye on it.”
Sunset Harbour resident Raimey Walsh said, “It’s not just about the no wake zone. It’s about the number of people that traffic that area, that pollute the area. It’s about the oil run-off … more importantly, there’s no benefit to the residents and the neighborhood at all. We have to deal with the traffic, the noise, and the congestion.”
The Commission agreed to the prohibition and gave operators one month to wind and find alternative locations.

commercial boats and jet skis may not be allowed to use the purdy avenue boat ramp

Venetian Islands , Sunset Harbour

Susan Askew
Susan Askew
neighborhoods committee says commericl kayaks and paddleboard operations okay