Saying no to hostels in west avenue overlay district

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew

Saying no to hostels in west avenue overlay district:

neighbors seek to "preserve our quality of life"

Neighborhood associations in the West Avenue area are the leading voices behind an effort to prevent new hostels from locating in the West Avenue Overlay District. The District, bounded by 17th Street to the North, near 11th Street to the South, Alton Alley to the East, and Biscayne Bay to the West, is already home to Bikini Hostel.
The Commission’s Land Use Development Committee this week discussed potential new use regulations for the Overlay District that would define a hostel and create limits on the number of people that could stay in a hotel room.
Monica Acevedo, president of the Bayshore Terrace Condo Association at 1455 West Avenue and a member of the West Avenue Neighborhood Association, said residents are trying to “preserve the quality of life in our neighborhood.” The concern is that many of the two floor rental buildings in the area are now being sold to developers who are turning them into hostels or suite hotels.  These are not family hotels, she noted. Referencing the Bikini Hostel at 1255 West Avenue she said, “What we are getting is Daytona Beach right here. This is what we’re trying to avoid but that’s what’s coming. Daytona Beach with hundreds of people, parking on lawns, the loudness, underage drinking… We’re a quiet little neighborhood.”
Committee Chair, Commissioner Joy Malakoff said, “We don’t want more hostels. This [regulation] will prohibit hostels.” Any changes, though, would only impact new development and not Bikini Hostel.
The Committee asked staff to come back with a draft ordinance with occupancy limits that take into account families with children under 15 staying at a suite hotel and limiting outdoor activities. Send Committee members Malakoff, Alemán, and Steinberg your thoughts.